Wednesday, October 5, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do not believe that Kim Kardashian West was .........that what was reportedly taking place in a Paris No Tell Motel was not the whole story.

It is not that the mystery robbers who were dressed as police, evaded all security cameras inside and outside the hotel. It is not reports that Kayne West is like over 30 million in debt. It is not reports that Kayne West's fashion show was an utter disaster and economic catastrophe. It is not that KKW to gain attention beforehand said she was rethinking Hillary for Trump and then swang back to Clinton.

What it is, is that the robbers didn't Kardashian Krash in feeling her tits up and posting the video on Facebook.

Seriously, you got KKW in a motel room. A female who began her career pretending she did not know a camera was on as she pathetically whined in bed while being ejaculated into by some Nig rapper. This is a female who has had sex with any dumb ass coon with a million dollar lunch ticket. This is a female who conned that moron Kayne West to knock her up in her hosebag status, and two cops as robbers are not going to have some fun in squeezing those tits as "I made it to Disney World" moment.

I mean it was only 10 million dollars in gems. That probably fences for like 2 million, because a fence would know how hot they are, and that makes them worthless. So any crook who put this much time into a job in evading cameras, setting up a fence for worthless gems..........ah you do know all gems are now etched and coded to trace what else is left than to squeeze the fun bags, so you can tell all your mates at the bar as Kayne is on the tube, that you had some of that and she liked it.

See, it may be they did this fun bag recreation, and she did like it. She might have liked it so much that.......well the cops  and robbers did not want that reality tv show in being stuck with this hosebag. Then again in the alternative universe, it might be that someone who was in debt, robbed themselves to collect the insurance while the concert tour pays the debts.

It is reported that Kayne fired everyone after the fashion clothing disaster, and it was not a meltdown.......well you know Kayne always is in a purple rage, but that could be cover in trimming the budget which is in the red, and not the Kim black.

Look I almost hope that Kayne West was behind this heist as it would be hilarious to watch the trial, but I do not think Kayne West is that smart. OK evidence, he got suckered by Kim Kardashian and you have seen him wanking on George Bush and Taylor Swift, so there is not a whole going on between those ears. The boy ain't Billy Dee Williams.
So that leaves as an alternative that KKW is padding her divorce settlement as it looks like Kayne has shot his wad along with everything else. A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do, with the kind of taxes the IRS expects, tv shows cancelled, and no one is interested in Kardashian snatch after it has all that Negroid over use the past Obama era. There just is nothing left to market.

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