Thursday, October 6, 2016

President Donald Trump: ISIS Killer

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It is this blog's intent to provide absolute solutions for the protection of America, Europe and Russia, from war and conflict, and the biggest friction is the Obama regime's resurrection of the Bill Clinton Saddam Hussein oil laundering scheme, with the ISIS oil laundering scheme.
Literally the biggest nuclear and Isalmic terror problem for America, Europe and Russia, is the Turkish situation degraded by the Obama regime. Turkey as much as Iran must be dealt with in checking the problem they are for all.

In this, the only person I have ever featured on this blog as I respect his work this much in Ioannis Michaeltos posted on October 4th, 2016 a brilliant piece for the security of the Balkans which is vital to America, Russia and Europe, as this is where world war will begin and be fought.

The solution to killing ISIS, checking Turkey, bringing peace to Syria and leashing Iran is the Black Sea Pipeline.

It is also important to note that the source of gas (Azerbaijan) passes via a critical geopolitical zone nearby of the Armenian-Azeri borders were the Nargono Karabach conflict recently erupted, raising fears of a total war. In case the bad scenario materializes the whole of Caucasus will literally blow up and Turkey is estimated it will engage as well. In that sense the whole of the Southern Corridor will cease to be functional for years to come.

Thus the question remains and that is how to materialize a gas hub in the Balkans without having to rely on Turkey. The answer is Fourfold: Greece-Bulgaria & LNG-Black Sea pipeline. Both Bulgaria and Greece are EU-NATO countries, dependent on the Western diplomatic-financial structures structures, with modern infrastructure and low-level political issues to contest with. Moreover Greece being battered by the debt crisis will be in a better position to achieve economic growth and pay of its creditors if it could take part in a gas hub on the region.

Take oil from Turkey and Turkey ceases and Endrogan is removed. Increase market competition and oil prices stay low, so Iran does not have the Obama bribes to fund terrorism. Put that pipeline into friendly Russian and American allies, bringing jobs and economic growth and Europe stabilizes.

This is the solution and the people of the Balkans understand this situation from thousands of years of their invasion and abuse. They have the answers and this is something which Donald Trump's Administration must take into account, as simply unleashing the US military is not a complete enough neutralizing of ISIS, and Mr. Trump of course understands this. What needs to be accomplished as much as using American ethanol and Frac'ing to keep American dollars inside America, is to keep the economic power in the hands of Russia, the Balkans and the stabilization of Greece and Italy, not in the hands of this fraud terror force, which is nothing but oil laundering in profits flowing into European banks and stock markets.

Historically, Bill Clinton started a war against Serbian Christians for Muslims possession of Kosovo, for a pipeline that almost started nuclear war with Russia. That pipeline was built quietly by President George W. Bush, but it this pipeline system now benefiting terrorists and putting black market finance into European elite coffers.
It is time to kill ISIS and all of these treacherous states with market forces in a new pipeline through Slavic and Christian lands to Christian European peoples to profit and raise their standard of living by.

This pipeline can be readily completed with President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin cooperating in this peaceful expansion of markets. America does not need sanctions against Russia. America must instead open markets to reward the peaceful nations of Christ and stop funding the Islamic and cartel financiers creating all of this friction, which is nothing but scorched earth in Europe, in stealing Russian gold and raw materials in war of conquest.

We must examine the Balkan Gas Hub.

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