Monday, October 3, 2016

Trump Sense

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will apologize to the Viking for this as this is not intended in the least anything about his brother or anything public, but I am moved to visit this, because TL has been mentioning the watch wardens on Facebook who lurk around silent, just waiting for someone to post something, and then they offer up their judgments, nitpicking for flaws they think they found and attempting to sound intelligent.

I have siblings who are overloaded on the last part and everyone reading this has experienced trying to post something to help things out, and then comes the avalanche of family, trolls or MOG's to produce a scenario which is completely ludicrous. The scenario is "we must always be one million percent correct" while Hillary Clinton and her media can lie, smear and cheat without the same visceral response.
It literally is perplexing to witness this programming in action.

I do not mean as I stated to pick on the Viking's brother. He is a good man, but like my brother, many Americans these days feel so absolutely powerless. We can't shit it seems like without permission an someone monitoring our toilets. That is one of the great problems in America that Donald Trump as President is going to have to rectify, and that begins with his Promise to roll back all of these regulations. Americans are self policing enough that they are going to behave, but Americans are so powerless now, that they have to resort to self cannibalization of themselves instead of taking on the criminals.

I will repeat the point of the Ohio vote fraud. Whether that instance is true or not, I posted two links from legitimate sources showing the GOPliters and Democrats both cheat in elections to overthrowing them. That is the point in all of this and that is the point in Donald Trump making it an issue now, so people are not just going to stand back in their last chance at an election and allow Hamrod to steal it.

TL and I were talking this morning on our walk in Facebook trolls were saying, "Well it is all over in Hillary is going to steal it so what is the point". The point is for the Neanderthal brains is that if Donald Trump polls 70% it will be big of a margin to steal. The point is, that you get off your asses now and show your support for Donald Trump, and you allow Mr. Trump to create the impression that he is going to fight this out in the courts, and if the courts are that damn crooked, then it will be his call for 40 million loaded guns for Mr. Trump to ensure his victory.
Look, if Cousin Odinga in Kenya  can rise up his mob to get into government there, then why in the hell can not Donald Trump with the courts and mob pressure, achieve the same reality in America, as it is a one Obama world.

It is out of touch to think in this Hillary world of liars, that you must be honest with them and play by the rules they are burying you with. You owe your word to God, yourself and those who are worthy of giving your word to. Otherwise you can be like David drooling on a wall to survive so the Philistines do not cut your head off.

As Ernest Borgnine told William Holden, when they were arguing about a man giving his word. Borgnine corrected in, "It is not giving your word, it is who you give your word to."

Americans need to stop condemning themselves and shooting their leaders in the back for the enemy. Americans need to be as Christ said to be skilled in the ways of the world's deceptions, and understand in this, that this is each of our national genocide at stake now. There is not going to be another election which we have a chance. We lose this election and it is over. The American corpse will rot to a 3rd world cesspool, which will eventually be taken over by more resilient Asians.

The Founders were people who made money in tax evasion, running contraband rum, and whatever else. I am NOT advocating law breaking, but I am telling you that the time for keeping your word to your enemies is something that is a luxury of fiction when you are many and your enemies are few. Now you are going to have to be Christian smart. Do not get into trouble. Do not make yourself a target. Obey the regime and have sense enough to not assist your enemy in destroying you.

......and finally prove yourself that you can walk on two legs, instead of being a four legged internet scrounger who pounces on stories to try and empower yourself, instead of being on two legs, using your keyboard to expose the crimes of Hillary Clinton with as much energy.

Shut up when your friends are working the system for you, because you are not, and rant even louder on every mistake the Clinton machine makes. Because what numbers of you are doing now, shows absolutely no common sense.

Once again  I will apologize to the Viking, as I would have used my brother,  but he kind of disappeared after the Homeland interview. Odd how people do not have much commentary after that in knowing everything, and I suppose hiding under one's bed makes typing hard, but many on Facebook  do conclude because a post is delayed that this is just like a Homeland interview.

Yes many people need  some Trump Sense.

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