Sunday, November 20, 2016

Room for only One American President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ever since the American People threw failed Jimmy Carter out of the White House for Ronald Reagan, America has been plagued by loser Presidents. The fact is, if one examines 30 years history, there were only two people who did not cause any problems in defeat, and that was Mike Dukakis and Bob Dole. Otherwise these psychotics who America got out or kept from the White House, have been sticking their diplomatic fingers into policy which gave North Korea nukes as in Jimmy Carter's case or gave Iran nukes in John McCain's case.

If you require a bit of history, here it is:

John Kerry blew up the Sudan.

Hillary Clinton blew up the Mideast

Al Gore enslaved the world in green energy scam.

Mitt Romney worked against Donald Trump in high treason

Walter Mondale tried to make Minnesota the Soviet of America

HW and W tried to foist Jeb on us.


John McCain was running around the planet illegally establishing his own brand of President McCain as a quasi President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, as a sort of alter ego the the bomb throwers of Obama, Clinton and Kerry, to create the disaster we have on our hands now which is fomenting nuclear World War III.

The Lame Cherry exposed all of this exclusively in The CLINTON DEAD POOL

a feature which exposed these psychotic little presidents who America rejected were competing in foreign policy and blowing up the world. It was a reality that Hillary Clinton was getting her bribes, Obama it's bribes and John McCain his bribes for the GOPliters, and they were all managing different factions of what was called ISIS, but ISIS was nothing but an oil piracy scheme, stealing oil out of Syria and Iraq and selling it to Turkey. It was the same old Oil for Palaces scheme of Bill Clinton with Saddam Hussein.

What requires stating now are the facts that America does not need any of these psychotics meddling in Trump Administration Foreign Policy, and America does not need this little dictator John McCain running American Foreign Policy out of the Senate as he is head of the committee there.
For those who forgot, John McCain shredded most of George W. Bush's foreign policy, simply out of malice, as Bush beat McCain for the nomination in 2000. With the inferno that John McCain set up with nuclear Obama, America can not afford to have John McCain involved in anything ever again.

For those who missed it, the Ukraine blowing up and the disaster there, which is nothing but the Soros theft of Ukraine resources and a globalist stepping stone to Balkanize Russia after a nuclear world war promoted by John McCain, John McCain  and his staff were all through the Ukraine promoting conflict there.

Every time I think about deleting this picture of John McCain and his ISIS terrorists, a new reason to publish it, appears, and here is the new reason, in one of the many firsts Attorney General Jeff Sessions must undertake is an investigation of the crimes of John McCain.

Make no mistake about it, in John McCain has already had his Presidential Pardon by Gerald Ford, for being a traitor. John McCain aided the North Vietnamese Communists in the Vietnam War, and should have been hung for his crimes, but instead this traitor keeps popping up making the world a bloodier place which is auditioning for nuclear incineration.

The Attorney General must look into the disappearance of Marc Turi of Arizona, an arms dealer for Obama and Clinton in the Benghazi ANALGATE fiasco which had Americans murdered and 500,000 Syrian murdered. Turi is at home in the very state where the McCain mafia operates.

For those who need refresher in John McCain. McCain by his wife owns the Budweiser distribution interest in the Southwest. McCain joined with Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to push through Indian gaming for their mafia benefactors.

AS A LAME CHERRY EXCLUSIVE IN MATTER ANTI MATER. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY DONALD TRUMP LOST MONEY IN ATLANTIC CITY, WHY CHRIS CHRISTIE HAS A PROBLEM WITH CASINO GAMBLING COLLAPSE, it is because of McCain in his Indian Ring gambling mafia. They have been bleeding Atlantic City dry for their criminal interests.

This is the kind of criminal activity John McCain is involved in, and when people disappear in having dealing with Clinton and McCain, you can bet that one of these two is connected to it, in their interests are protecting their interests.

For those reasons,  Jeff Sessions must open an investigation of John McCain for the security of America, for the simple reason, Americans voted for Donald Trump to be President, and not have this little dictator John McCain causing more upheaval in American foreign and domestic policy.

This can not be stressed enough that John McCain belongs in prison, and not in the US Senate. This is an issue the Trump Administration is going to have to deal with, and it is best to hand down indictments early, have an American Senator appointed out of Arizona, and America can build peace, instead of McCain conflict with Vladimir Putin and McCain oil cuts with ISIS.

This is not going to require 3 days investigating John McCain in his subversion and alliance with terrorists, because it is all in his NSA files, and all that needs to be done is Mike Mullen releasing those files to Attorney General Sessions, who takes this to a Grand Jury who indicts McCain in 3 seconds once they review the horrifying things this despot has been up to.

.......and Mr. Sessions can throw that Jebling Senator Lindsey Graham into prison too, as he is pictured with McCain among the terrorists, and has been doing his Jebest to get appointed more of these horrid Neocons to sabotage the Trump Administration.

It is time for the sake of America, that this cabal of competing despots, from Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, to John McCain and Lindsey Graham all be indicted and put into prison for 500 years to life.

America does not need John McCain endangering Americans and the world with nuclear genocide as this psychotic make believes he is president from the year 2008 AD in the year of our Lord

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