Tuesday, November 1, 2016

House of Puntz


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL has taught Puntzee how to talk. It is a conversation that Puntz and I were having last night and this morning. See it has to take place with Puntz cradled in my arms, where she writhes around acting like she wants to escape the torture of being held and loved.

She waves her little legs around, eyes wide and then makes these MGM lion sounds...........think of the big roar as a Puntzee roar. She also makes these puppy grunting sounds as this is a big part of the conversation.

I talk to her at this time about things. Last night I learned she likes being known as Danger Cat.

This morning as we were discussing things like, if she now was a wild cat, and wanted to be known as Vicious Cat, and if she was suffering from rabies............and how she is more terrifying than a tiger, a lion, wild dogs and all animals on the planet, she responded to each question she liked with her MGM roar.

Tonight just now I learned something really important, and that is really important, as Puntz makes this sound of a mew which sounds like House of Pains / Jump Around. You know that whistle sound they keep playing.

Here you will enjoy some nice Irish lads praising terrorists like the IRA in the song if you don't know it.

House Of Pain - "Jump Around" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

... "Jump Around" - - - - Get House of Pain music: ... Watch the official music video for House of Pain - "Jump Around" ... Jump - Duration: ...

You would probably like the My Name Is Earl version, in which that Latin chic was bouncing around to this song better, but this is about Puntz and she really like this song. Probably has a thing for eating Irishmen as potato fed people probably have a nice clean taste to them, while Japanese all taste like fish........Mex all taste like death as that is the cumin they eat.
Not that I play Mexican music to find out, but I just figure Puntz likes white meat.

She was not feeling so good last night. Slept in my arms as I was doing the blog for about 3 hours. Was eating like she was a 1200 pound tiger again though today, so all is well. Yeah I know I mentioned that in I mention things on here and you sick bastards full of hate project your hate for God and me onto things and it does them harm. You will be repaid for that.

Any way, I have the Lame Cherry theme song.......am not ready to release it in what I picked. Too busy with all this boring ass Hillary Clinton stuff. No one pays enough to write all this about the Birther and the Hamrod..........two of thee most boring two leggers on the planet.

Gotta jet

I came to get down [2x]
So get out your seats and jump around
Jump around [3x]
Jump up, jump up and get down.
Jump [18x]

One more thing, would it not be rat ass to be in Homeland Security now and the FBI desk war over Hamrod. Damn hard to play both ends against the mid, as Hamrod is going to drop the hammer on them all, and those Hillary moles reporting on each other........be like downtown gulag riding the Siberian express, knowing 8 Russian dicks are waiting to give you an 80 below welcome.