Friday, November 25, 2016

A Secretary of State with nothing to Apologize For

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Trump Transition can not seem to find Christians to appoint to Cabinet and advisory positions, for payment to the EVANGELICALS for securing the victory in the return to Christ as head of America, the Lame Cherry has been placing real Americans forward, as Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner just do not seem to be able to locate American Chirstians for cabinet posts.

Oh and an apology from Mitt Romney does not apologize for his being birther Mexican and for being an apostate Mormon, born and bred in Mexico.

Public Apology?

So with that reality of holier than thou Pence and messiah Kurschner the furrier incapable of serving Donald Trump and Americans, the Lame Cherry has been making known that there are Americans and Christians who are more than suited to be Secretary of State.

John Lehman is the perfect person for the job.

If it is not John Lehman, then there is Bob Dornan. Then there is Michele Bachmann, who was leading prayer rallies for America and Mr. Trump before the election.

Amazing what one can find in all of these skilled Americans who make Mitt Romney and David Patreaus look like the Rockefeller stooges they are.

The Lame Cherry though offers up the one person now who should be Secretary of State. I will list the qualifications of this person to prove the point.

This person led the moral cultural revolution in America during the 1980's.

This person was proven absolutely correct on US foreign policy threats and dangers.

This person was smeared  more horridly than Donald Trump, for being a Reagan Revolutionary, by the Bush fam.

This person has domestic and foreign policy expertise.

This person is moral and without blemish on his private and public character.

This person was more powerful than Speaker Gingrich, Governor Romney, Mayor Guiliani and General fact this person gave orders to all of the above.

Does this person sound like a Godsend? Like the exact person American needs in the sea of lightweights?

Exactly the point, and as all of you peeked down already to see it is Vice President Dan Quayle, Senator from Indiana, and now successful businessman, America has before it the only choice for Secretary of State, who provides the Executive Leadership, proven insights to being proven correct and character to withstand the disgusting attacks from the left and Bush fam neocons.

Vice President Dan Quayle, has been there, and is a heavyweight, who is not going to be grinned to death by Mike Pence, nor intimidated by President Trump, nor is going to be steamrolled by Jared Kurschner.

I am going to provide you with a Lame Cherry exclusive in this, explaining why Pence and Kurschner are moving for these weak as water candidates, and that is because THEY want to run foreign policy, to start another cleansing war in the Mideast in the Israeli state.
That is why Richard Nixon put in a melon head for Kissinger, and that is why Pence and Kurschner have not been serving America in trying to install these melon heads, so that Mormon Romney can be led around making a worse shamble of things than Hillary Clinton.

So that is the only choice, Dan Quayle as Secretary of State. No one is more qualified or proven. He is a Russian expert, and that is exactly the relationship American must establish for peace.

Yes Mr. Quayle is going to be the focal point of an attack, to weaken the now weakened Donald Trump, due to his piss poor advisers in that New York Times ambush, but the fight is going to have to be fought, so it might a well be now in Mr. Quayle, instead of Sarah Palin, who after all service has experienced the vanishing blotter for the Trump Transition in this coup de tet, which has been waged against Christians.

Anything less than Dan Quayle as Secretary of State, is the proof, that Pence and Kurschner are going to get America involved in another inter Jew tribal war, the way Obama sucked America into inter Muslim tribal wars.

You want wars. You want a fight with Russia. You want Armageddon. You let Pence and Kurschner install these Romney apostates who think with their cocks. You want peace. You want to ally with  Russia. You want America Christians not being nuked, then you insist upon Vice President Dan Quayle as Secretary of State.

Dan Quayle supported Donald Trump from the start and has nothing to apologize for.

It is time though the Trump Transition apologizes for abolishing Christians and Conservatives from the top Cabinet and Advisory posts in the Trump Administration, which is assembling as rubber stamp heads all put into place to promote Pence Kurschner policy and not the American Policy which Americans voted for.

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