Friday, November 25, 2016

For whom the Jew Tolls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We begin this education with a question for each of you.

Are the invaders from Islam and Jesuit Mexico who are in America, Americans like you, or are they foreigners?

If you are not an assbrain, you of course have answered that they are not Americans, but foreigners.

The reason for that question is to explain to you, so you understand, the difference between an Ashkenaz Jew and a Tribe of Israel Jew. It is the same reason why Jews hated Samaritans, because they were not Israelites, but people who were occupying Northern Israelite lands, placed there by a world power called Babylon.

If you look at the above historical map, you will notice a red circle in the area of Troy, or modern Turkey, which was the Hittite Empire at one period too. It is also the homeland of the Ashkenaz, who were the children of Noah's son, Japheth, who is also the father of Russians and Slavs.
So I will ask again, "Are Russians and Slavs, Jews?" The answer is of course they are not.

A real Jew is from the tribe of Judah, one of the sons of Israel or Jacob. The tribe of King David and the tribe of Jesus lineage in David.

If one examines history, you find this interesting reality, that the Ashkenaz displaced the Cimmerians. For those who are not educated yet in the Lame Cherry archives, Cimmerians are Samarians, in the Lost 10 Tribes, who escaped from Persian captivity, and happened in their exodus into Asia, had numbers of other conquered peoples following along and taking the lands the Lost 10 were moving through. Two of which were the Ashkenazim and the Assyrian. The Assyrian were to take over the lands of the Germani Israelites as those Anglo Saxons continued west, and the Ashkenaz were displaced and moved into Europe, after their conversion to Jewry, displacing Judahite Jews.

The Ashkenaz took upon themselves the Talmudic legalities of it being religious to prey on the goy or non believers. The Talmud was a nasty predatory legality the Jews developed from the Babylonians.

These Ashkenaz had an interesting financial religion. They were the first mafia as would be known by the Italians. The Ashkenaz kept to themselves, bred among themselves and in this "organized community" ruled by elders, they developed interesting monopolies which provided "services" the Europeans deemed necessary, and as these Ashkenaz monopolies flourished, they sucked all the money out of their European competitors and communities.

Donald Trump's son in law, the New Jersey golden ghetto lords, in the Kushners are a group that tagged onto the Assyrian Germans, and became quite profitable, in the original German name was Kurschner. Nothing noble in the name as Germans called people by their occupation. Kushner simply means FURRIER, and after the Assyrian Germans expelled these monopolies from Germany, the Kushners ended up in Belarus as furriers.
For those needing an explanation, a furrier is person who takes tanned mink, sable, fox, wolf, bear skins, and tailors them into furs to wear, because animal furs kept people from freezing to death, before it became George Soros fashion to raise predators to kill off humans in protesting trapping.

There is a word which follows the Kushners, and all of these Ashkenaz in their organized communities, and that word is GUILD.  A guild is an exclusive group of workers, who will not allow other workers to do that work. Think of it as a union that only allows an Ashkenaz monopoly to work.
Some might call that racist. The Ashkenaz had another name for it. It was called the CHARTER.

The Charter of 1320 began it all in the Duchy of Lithuania, where the Jews obtained from the nobility, special exemptions to the entire organized community. Those eras were the reality of serfs or people as property in Russia and the world, the cloth of the land, like cows in the field. The Ashkenaz though had privilege:

Frequent instances occurred of the marriage of Catholic women to Jews, Turks, or Tatars. The Bishop of Wilno (Vilnius) complained to Sigismund August (Dec., 1548) of the frequency of such mixed marriages and of the education of the offspring in their fathers' faiths. The szlachta also saw in the Jews dangerous competitors in commercial and financial undertakings. In their dealings with the agricultural classes the lords preferred the Jews as middlemen, thus creating a feeling of injury on the part of the szlachta. The exemption of the Jews from military service and the power and wealth of the Jewish tax-farmers intensified the resentment of the szlachta.

As one can ascertain, the Ashkenaz were branching out in interbreeding with the 10 Tribes while practicing their predatory religion on non Jews. At this point, for the next 500 years, the Europeans did not appreciate being slaves to occupant Ashkenaz, and frequently rifts appeared from the Vatican, the Royals and the common people.

Each time a purge took place, the Ashkenaz would reassemble, and once again attempt to re establish "the old order".
Yes it is that "order", the order which appears out of chaos, in creating a heavier chain on the vanquished native peoples.

Attempts to return to the old order in the communal organization were not wanting, as is evident from contemporary documents

In this Ashkenaz, in their organized communities, one finds the genesis of Marxism, as that is what it is, and absolutely no difference in Obama's community organized to control the mob. This predation on  Europeans, became more and more intense, so that in the 1800's in Germany and Russia, these Ashkenaz radicals were in the continuous process of murdering the Royals in terrorism, which initiated he putsch and the reality is, all of these radicals ended up in their organized monopolies in America and other parts of the world.

It became so predatory on Americans, that the Ashkenaz were banned from business. If you have heard of the rag trade, that is all that Ashkenaz were left with, and they turned it into a billion dollar business.
If you examine history in the Confederate South, the Carpetbaggers were Ashkenaz, swooping into the South and buying up everything cheap. General Sherman banned the Jews, and to this day is branded a racist, as this is the typical pattern in this mafia of playing the victim, when all they do is prey on unfortunate peoples.

The fur traders of the Kushners, speak of their holocaust past. The world has been conditioned to view this as "the Jewish victim", and yet the reason the Europeans were not sympathetic to the Ashkenaz was the Ashkenaz ruled them, enslaved them in these native peoples own nations.
The great purge of Stalin in the Ukraine was against these Jewish landowners who were competitors to the Soviet communism. Most of the leadership of the Marxist revolution were Ashkenaz, seeking to take control over nations which were not their own, and the fact is all of these revolutions were bankrolled by two competing Ashkenaz in the Rothschild of Europe and the Schiff group of New York.
The Kushner's are the Schiff mafia.

America is now facing another horror show, which Americans did not vote nor bargain for. Just as Barack Hussein Obama involved America in an inter Muslim religious war, which the Lame Cherry warned all of you about in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, there is that Kushner family of Ashkenaz who are involving Donald  Trump in the age old Jewish mafia war.
Jared Kushner has effectively staged a coup de tet, in using Ivanka Trump to throw out Corey Lewandowski, and then Paul Manafort, and then Chris Christie, as Kushner poses on Forbes covers, claiming he elected Donald Trump alone in a computer game, and not God and God's Christian Americans.

The Kushners are all rabid liberals. They were at war over Donald Trump months ago.

Here is what this mafia sounds like in public.

But Politico reports at least two family members—Marc Kushner and Jacob Schulder, both cousins—say it’s a shanda, which is Yiddish for “My cousin is a moron.”
“I have a different take­away from my Grandparents’ experience in the war,” Kushner wrote on Facebook Thursday. “It is our responsibility as the next generation to speak up against hate. [Sic] Anti­semitism or otherwise.”
But the real response came from Schulder, who wrote that his grandfather would have done a better job running the Trump campaign from the forest.
“When an out of touch with reality nominee hires an out of touch with reality campaign manager, who is also a son­-in-­law, you get the BS Jared wrote. I don’t think Trump is an anti­Semite; I think he’s a lying idiot (among other things) with little to no experiences outside his teetering fiefdom of failed development projects, divorces, bankrupted sports leagues, fraudulent “Universities” and golf courses (and the list keeps going),” Schulder wrote on Facebook, emphasis ours. “The very first thing a responsible campaign manager should do, I’d think, and I mean the very first thing, would be to take away his father-­in­-law’s Twitter account.

Extremely pleasant are the not, eh what? These are your Obama Clinton Soros voters, and the Jewish mafia which got their cut of that 20 trillion Americans had looted from their US Treasury by that Muslim Obama franchise...........yes the Rothschilds and Rockefellers use the Muslims to direct US policy and pocket trillions in terrorism and oil revenues to keep America addicted to OPEC  terror oil.

So now Donald Trump's messiah Kushner has replaced messiah Obama, and as Kushner is calling all of the directives in the Trump Administration, we discover that Jared Kushner is going to take over the Israeli Palestinian war, as Kushner knows how to make peace.
If you want a translation in this, that means the United States is about to be drawn into another religious war this time involving Jews, while we still have the Obama Muslim wars in Africa and the Mideast, the Bush Muslim wars in the Mideast and the Clinton Muslim war in Kosovo Europe.

If notice, this past Thanksgiving week, that someone maneuvered President Donald Trump into an ambush at the New York Times, where Reince Priebus went out and stated that Mr. Trump was not exporting invaders, Kellyanne Conway was announcing that Mr. Trump was not prosecuting Hillary Clinton, and the New York Times baited Mr. Trump into disavowing those anti semitic Alt Right types, who were Mr. Trumps internet firewall against all the Time's lies, and all of this has created a schism between Mr. Trump and Conservatives like Ann Coulter, Breitbart and Judicial Watch.

It appears someone is isolating President Donald Trump from God, Evangelicals, the American Right and the Alt Right, as Mr. Trump was puzzled where "these people" came from.
It appears that way, because it is that way in a faction has seized President Donald Trump by evidence, which began on Election Eve as Trump supporters of certain groups were kept out his victory speech.

Odd how Israelites used to appreciate Prophets, King David with Nathan, the entire nation with Samuel, but in most cases the liars do not want to be told the Truth nor hear the Truth. Exactly why Elijah was out in cave and being fed by ravens.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh and the attack on Jared Kushner from his family ended with this, concerning his grandfather.

Even Joseph Kushner would’ve had the street smarts to figure that one out while living on boiled potatoes in the forest.

The part left out is those were stolen potatoes from Slavs who were now under occupation, because Ashkenaz started World War II, and the Elders auctioned off the poor Ashkenaz and Jews for their survival.

Not so much the victim when it is your organized group enslaving and trying to genocide other races.