Tuesday, November 29, 2016

All Mr. Trump's Traitors


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The continued coup against President Donald Trump and his loyal staff has now reached the phase of picking off the deplorables in Kellyanne Conway. We thankfully though have knowledge that there are two of these top conspirators colluding inside for the Mitt Romney Jeb Bush GOPliters.

MSNBC on the FOX report speaks of at least two, and their exact description of Ms. Conway, is GONE ROGUE. That is telling in this is a description of Sarah Palin, and now we know why Mrs. Palin has disappeared from the Trump Trans scope, because this group deplores Christian Conservative Women.

The MSNBC sources reportedly spoke directly with Trump about the issue and said that Conway’s behavior feeds into a growing concern that she is no longer a team player and has gone “rogue.”

 The additional information on these Romneycrats is they are male, as Kellyanne Conway explains. We also know that the leaker met with Mr. Trump, and is leaking to the media in this coup against a woman, a private conversation with President Trump which must remain confidential.

Trump -- who since his Nov. 8 win has been huddled with his transition team trying to fill Cabinet posts and other key administration positions -- is “furious” with Conway, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” reported Monday, reportedly based on information from two transition team sources.

She called the sources “sexists” and said she can have “any job she wants,” either inside or outside the White House, according to the show.

This advice to President Donald Trump is simple.  You have a continuous flow of information coming out of your Trump Trans. They are traitors. You have two factions operating who have knifed Katrina Pierson in the back, as she has disappeared. All of your early loyalists are now beheaded.
You have Jared Kurschner's group and you have the Mike Pence group, and both have revealed incompetence and self serving agendas. The furriers are advocating an Israeli first stance which will suck America into more conflict and Pence is for Big Koch, which is moving to bastardize all the Trump promises and eventually impeach the President.

Americans voted for loyalist Americans, not these pecker thinkers like Patraeus and Romney. I will keep posting what the correct action will be, because when your Presidency continues to degrade, this voice will be proven correct and amplified, exposing the traitors you have among you Mr. President.

I will repeat the list for Secretary of State as acceptable.

Dan Quayle
John Lehman
Dana Rohrbacher
Michele Bachmann
Richard Pearle
Bob Dornan

And for the record President Trump, the five not chosen for Secretary of State, had better be offered senior positions in your Administration as Americans voted for you, and Americans expect 1000% loyalty from you in your promises.

Lastly gain Mr. President, you need to issue a public statement that any more leaks from your Trump Trans will end with firings. You will state that in the short term, Pat Buchanan is coming on board to write Trump policy messages for public release, that Mr. Miller will speak to the press in interviews, and Mrs. Conway will deal with television interviews, with the transition complete, Laura Ingraham will be White House Press Secretary.

Finally Mr. President, I do not trust that fagsaurus Ann Coulter, but Sir, you really need someone to chew your ass once a day for 15 minutes to let you know what your base is fuming about, and they are fuming Sir. You have made the worst mistake in not appeasing them, not thanking them, not appointing their kind to your Cabinet which is their cabinet.
Instead you have played nice in giving all of your enemies place at your table, and had Reince Priebus breaking your promise on deportations and Conway saying you would not prosecute Hamrod.

Stick to your PROMISES and CAMPAIGN Mr. President, as you do not survey this field completely, and you do not have the loyal staff in this Trump Trans protecting you.

Mr. President, you will rue the day, you did not fire these traitors, sack Mike Pence and send the intrigue of Kurschner mafia Ashkenaz policy packing.

Your transition has spun out of control Mr. President and you are being spun in the web.

......as a note to those who are concerned about Ms. Conway, if Mr. Trump was furious, he would have fired Ms. Conway. Any angst Mr. President has, is due to the negotiations in dealing with Romney.

Lastly Mr. President, what in the hell good is it doing in your tweeting out messages, when you do no have control of your traitors, who are driving the Molotov Media's smear against you, in making you look incapable of leading and keeping control?

Get your shit together............GYST, Mr. President.

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