Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Kind of Gun Control Americans Appreciate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a tactician, my interest is not in the emotional distractions of life and death, but the fascination is in the results.

That is why I was pleased with the Columbus Police Officer efficiently killing the terrorist who was assaulting and murdering Americans, as we see far too many security issues where law enforcement is far too effective in gunning down innocent civilians, but criminals never get the toe tag....well unless it is like after 500 rounds.

So it was with interest that the efficient weapon which the Columbus Police seem to employ is the Smith & Wesson MP 40, designated Military Police in the 40 S & W cartridge which the Obama regime purchased 1.5 billion rounds to kill Americans with.

As there is not any information on the loading, there is information on the Columbus Police 40 MP. It seems the PD had an affection for 45 ACP, but Smith & Wesson stopped making it, so when replacements were necessary in 2007, Smith & Wesson came up with this MP version and it is a lovely weapon.

It has a 15 round double stack clip, 3 grips for different sized hands, the Columbus PD carries two extra clips, so it is like 46 rounds one officer employs, and in the terrorist shooting, it was over after 1 minute of the arrival of the officer, so this 40 MP package gets things done the right way.

The new gun holds 15 in the magazine and one in the chamber. With two backup magazines, officers now carry 46 rounds, 21 more than they had with the .45-caliber. 

The 45 had penetration problems they found originally, and they did not want those 9 mm's and they shot through people and did not stop them. This seems to be the criminal killer though, as when Columbus Police shoot black kids with bb pistols they stay down too.
The point is, Police in Ohio seem to be the sort who practice and know how to hit what they are aiming at, unlike LA for example which seems to like filling the sky with lead and by chance hitting things

These pistols seem to come up used from time to time, which is a wonderful thing. Personally, the Donald Trump Administration needs to standardize all Police weapons, with a Smith & Wesson MP, and rid the world of the Glock, and that way the public would have a great deal more weapons to purchased used.

............and as a caller on Gun Talk offered, President Trump needs to auction off those 1.5 billion rounds of 40 Smith & Wesson to Americans, and use that money to build the wall......well Mexico is funding it, but how about Mr. President, building nice resorts on the wall with this 1.5 billion round bounty eh?

So that is the Lame Cherry action report in what really matters. Ohio Police do not have to shoot LaVoy Finicum numerous times and while he is down, instead Ohio Police roll up, and put down a terrorist with their 40 Smith & Wesson MP pistol. Those are the results that all of the public note as a selling point.

Yes the 40 bucks more than those 9's, but in this case the 40 Smith & Wesson with appropriate loads puts Somali terrorists down and keeps them toe tag fresh. It would be helpful if more details in this were forthcoming in coroners report and the officer doing a show and tell, about ammo, experience in shooting and other points of interest, but this day things went right. The Good guy, with a good gun, and good ammo, saved innocent people, and put the bad terrorist in the morgue.

That is the kind of gun control Americans appreciate.

In December, a sergeant who had the gun tucked in his waistband without a holster fired the weapon inside headquarters. He wasn’t hurt.
During testing, police dropped the guns, banged on them, even put 2,500 rounds through one in 40 minutes.
"The gun got very hot, but it still functioned appropriately," Corcoran said. "This gun will not fire unless you pull the trigger."