Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mr. President Trump, it is time to employ bullets and blades


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is Lame Cherry Concentrate and it is frustrating in Mr. President does not have anyone watching his back nor formulating positions as the American South is being terrorized and burned down.

Inquiry is pointing to the typical incendiary devices of smokes and matches, and Muslims.

This is compounded by President Trump is a person of the asphalt and has no comprehension of what America is that voted for him or what is in flyover country. His Kurschner and Trumpkinder do not comprehend habitat management and this all goes into the problem of Secretary of the Interior and the various departments which need Americans managing them, instead of these college boys who are all morons in never having shit under their fingernails from working.

The Lame Cherry is going to state that in order to stop the fires bullets must be employed and all of these invaders be deported, PERIOD, no matter what Big Koch in Reince Priebus is conspiring against Americans about.

The blades part is simple as Mr. Trump sees coal in the ground, but does not view what is growing out of the ground in more trees are in America, than since colonization, and that is because fires no longer burn, and worse yet, America no longer cuts old dying growth down, to make lumber and to open forests up for wildlife, because open forests grow food, while old grown shades the ground and nothing lives there.

So this is the entire picture of the Dixie Burning Down as Mr. President fiddles with these Romney traitors, instead of just appointing Christian Conservatives.

Point 1: Cordon off all Muslim settlements for deportation as policy.
Point 2: Announce a task force to track all Soros radicals who may be associated with these fires
Point 3: Announce a 50 State lumbering plan to provide immediate jobs for Americans in a building boom of American affordable homes, with the excess lumber sold to Asia.
Point 4: The US Department of the Interior, USFW, BLM, US Forestry, will all become a top priority in employing management of all areas for human use, consumption, with the end result of better habitat for wildlife, including the cropping of all major predators in the United States with extreme prejudice.

This policy Mr. Trump provides an additional layer of American security and a most important addition to the American economic recovery, in increased lumber manufacture in these United States.

Cut these old trees down, and then there is nothing to burn in this gasoline evergreens.

Nuff Said