Saturday, November 19, 2016

Booing Mike Pence Today and Tomorrow it is Lynching at the Theater

The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

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The distrust I have for Mike Pence, has nothing to do with the Office of the Vice President of the United States, so when New York fags decide to boo Mike Pence and become political in attacking the choice and direction of the American People, it is a reality which must be made an example of.

For some strange reason, fags decided to champion Alexander Hamilton, a particular favorite of mine as he is a FEDERALIST, RIGHT WING, MILITARIST, YANKEE TRADER, as in he is Donald Trump, so why in the hell these moron leftist wrote a play praising him is beyond me, as he is the American they detest.

I personally detest Joe Biden for the loathsome creature he is in enabling fraud Obama, but I would never boo the man, and in fact, if there is one person that Donald Trump should speak with for insights, it is Joe Biden, as Jimmy Carter and image Obama are the duo of moron and evil, and what good can come of Bill Clinton in having Hillary defeated by Mr. Trump.

None of this matters though, as this is about RESPECT. Respect is not given, it is earned from good people in work and evil people in the reality they are going to face things worse than death for disrespecting you.

Mike Pence was a fool for going to fag theater. He got what he deserved. Now though is the time that he had better have it ingrained in his Indian brain that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to discover ways to prosecute threats who can not behave.
You do not have the right to misbehave in society. I would be disgusted to be in the same room with image Obama or Karl Rove, but I am not about to start booing them. I probably would get up and walk out or sit silent, but I would not stoop to that kind of display of street gutter politics.

George Soros casts a big net in his radicals. Start indicting Soros and his associates,  and suddenly the booing will stop, as this trash will begin to value their penthouses more than liberty as they always have.

I am quite serious about this, as I have endured 8 years of hell from this Obama intelligence crony network in non stop bad things happening, from veins bursting in our eyes, to delivery trucks parked in a residential zone non stop spying on us in the metro, after hours, to computer malfunctions in automobiles, cursors gone wild in laptops, screens flickering, television turning off and on, phones disconnecting, numbers busy when no one is on the phone, and Homeland interviews. I will not forget that if Hillary Clinton had stolen this, that we all would be facing genocide now as the end of the American race in foreigners would have replaced Americans in voting.

So for the Trump monitors, it is TIME to start lighting the backfires across the board in measures which are going to be unleashed which are exactly what the Obama regime carried out, as you will either subdue these traitors as Ronald Reagan did or they are going to destroy the Trump Administration.

God did not put Donald Trump into the White House to be a nice guy. God put Donald Trump into the White House to be Jehu, to rid America and the West of the Jezebel harlots who have destroyed the economy and morality of these Christian Peoples.

I repeat this again, to President Elect Donald Trump, that he must make this a Justice Department priority to save himself, his family and America, or he will be forced into it after great harm is unleashed by these boo baby bawlers of the left. If you do not want to deal with the sick wolf of Hillary Clinton, then you get someone who knows how to deal with these predators or these vermin are going to be doing more than booing Mike Pence in the months ahead.

The Trump maxim must not be, "Walk softly and carry a big stick", but "Smile broadly in public and strike to the quick in the shadows".

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