Thursday, November 17, 2016

Not about Mark Zuckerberg's Credibility but Mark Zuckerberg's Criminality

Facebook’s ad metric problem is becoming Zuckerberg’s headacheFacebook’s ad metric problem is becoming Zuckerberg’s headache

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been warning everyone  that Facebook is using fraudulent data to squeeze out competition, uses fake user algorithms who do not exist to inflate "unique viewers" and then charge ad buyers greater sums for the Facebook service.

Mark Zuckerberg has a credibility problem.
The tech mogul’s Facebook just admitted to finding more “bugs” in the way it measures ads — and once again, those bugs benefited Facebook.
The social-networking giant said Wednesday it has found numerous errors in the ways it calculates how many people view its ads, artificially inflating their perceived value to advertisers and publishers.
Key metrics that Facebook has exaggerated include the weekly and monthly reach of marketers’ posts, which got inflated by 33 percent and 55 percent, respectively, as the site improperly included repeat visitors in its figures.
Elsewhere, Facebook admitted to exaggerating the number of full views that video ads received, as well as time spent by users reading fast-loading “Instant Articles” for publishers including The Post and the Wall Street Journal, both of which are owned by News Corp.

The above is called FRAUD, RACKETEERING and EMBEZZLEMENT. No one can sell something  to anyone under false information, especially when people are buying based on that information. Put it this way, say you are looking to buy a donut making shop, and the owner named Zuckerberg gives you books that shows you he is selling a million donuts a day in the store and a million donuts are being delivered to other stores.
So you buy the shop and find out that there are not a million customers, but just a hundred, and when you look at the donuts being made, you see it is all a computer tally and no donuts are being sold to other businesses.

That is what Zuckerberg is doing. His computer software is as fraud as George Soros and Obama's vote software which inflate Clinton's votes by 15%. It is criminal, illegal and this is not about credibility but about the Crimes of Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg owes all of these companies billions in refunds and he owes the American People prison time.

This crook terrorized the Lame Cherry in cutting off my profile so I could not assist Donald Trump to be President on that platform. It is time that crook Mark Zuckerberg with his ENTIRE STAFF be hauled into court, along with his Chinese minder wife, and they all get 500 years to life for all of their crimes.

Make no mistake that Obama was in on this from the start. Obama directed the NSA to money dump into Facebook and this has all been a shell game from day one.

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