Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Uses The Same Satellite Phone As Terrorists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a story which was planted........sorry appeared in the press, the German press, which was interesting in the fact that Obama was spying via the NSA on the Germans, and by "accident" the Germans just happened to be spying on Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, while they were in Germany.

We do not care about the German's spying, nor about the Lame Cherry exclusive on STUXNET made by the Jews, and given to the Germans to implant in the Iranian nuclear program for Obama, as this is just the popular girl reminding you how the Lame Cherry is right about things, as you always doubt me and go off sucking on some Mockingbird dick story. I just can not keep you off your knees and you do not get disability for having dick sucker knees, as some people have tried.

I digress.

But you know you like profane and vulgar things, as I do the sinful stuff that you only see in the movies.

Let's read a story or an a story when it comes to good German propaganda.

Three, two, one ...............go. No time limits so you can take your time.

The three officials were not directly targeted with phone calls collected by accident within the context of other operations, according to the report. In Clinton's case, the call reportedly took place on the same "frequency" as a terror suspect.
The tapping of Clinton's call was reported on Friday by German public broadcaster ARD and Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

The 3 officials were the most boring people on the planet. Kofi Anon the Coontakintae of the UN, John Kerry the incognito Jew who once served in Vietnam, and the forgettable Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

Speaking of FREQUENCY, let's look at the data on satellite phones. I know we were not speaking of frequency, but it is not like we are talking about Hawaiian shirts or anything important there school girl.

Satellite Frenquency

See anything interesting? Probably not and that is ok as not like we are getting matching tattoos.

Let's read about satellite phones, as I know you just lust for tech porn. Pay attention now as there are erotic nudie pictures involved in this.

the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has issued a Request for Information to procure a Follow-On Secure Handset (FOSH).

DISA serves as the primary telecommunications service provider for the Department of Defense, to include satellite communications services. The Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) Division utilizes Iridium Satellite’s Low Earth Orbit constellation to provide global secure/unsecure voice, data, paging and Short Message Service to all authorized users.

Since 1996, DISA has awarded sole-source contracts to Iridium to provide the handheld, wireless communications devices—including the Iridium 9505A handset—that place voice calls over the Defense Switched Network. Secure voice capability is achieved using the Iridium Security Module (ISM), a National Security Agency (NSA) Type 1 approved device that attaches to the back of the 9505A handset and allows calls to be encrypted up to the Top Secret classification level.

DISA requires that encryption for the handsets meet NSA Type 1 encryption requirements and be compatible with current EMSS DOD gateway components. The FOSH must have the capability to deliver secure voice between two like devices and provide true end-to-end capabilities.

OK no nudie photos, but I doubt God is sending me to hell for that lie.

OK Hillary Clinton nude, so I did not lie, but now you are forever imprinted with Hamrod titties.

Let's read another story.

Hillary Clinton, NSA Satellite Phone Provider.

  • Similarly, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Chile in February 2010, Iridium’s services proved to be essential. Indeed, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally delivered twenty(20) satellite phones to Chile within days of the earthquake

So what do you know besides I am not going to hell?

You know that Hillary Clinton has access to satellite phones. You know they are secure out of the Department of Defense.....yeah you probably figured out Hillary's good nature to Chile after the earthquake, had the NSA spying on those Latins.........and you know that on encrypted satellite phones the German Intelligence knew it all.

German Intelligence knew something else too that it planted in the German press, which was a public FU to Hillary Clinton. I highlighted it so you would get it. I will repost.

In Clinton's case, the call reportedly took place on the same "frequency" as a terror suspect.

So the Germans were letting it be known that all American sat phones were being captured, in retaliation. Now comes the punch line which you are going to ponder in, Hillary Clinton had a DOD secure sat phone, which operates on a designated secure frequency, and it just so happens that a terrorist is calling on the same frequency which the Americans are designated.

Sort of appears the Germans were telling the world that Hillary Clinton was handing out phones with the Obama DOD to terrorists, because they are Hillary's terrorists, and this one was enjoying the good life and free sat phone service out of Germany.

See when you are Hamrod in the White House, and the Germans want something, it is easier to blackmail Hamrod for it, when you have already let her and the entire terror syndicate know what you know.

It seems this is something not found in Wikileaks, but instead the German press leaking information, so people should have been asking the question of why is German Intelligence blackmailing Hillary Clinton, and telling the world to ask, "How is it that Obama Clinton handed out American sat phones to terrorists, who were doing terror things in Germany, for terror things where these phones were in high use in the Mideast with the DOD.

Hillary Clinton talking on the same frequency as terrorists. Why is that?