Thursday, November 24, 2016

Will you adopt some Indian Terrorists?

 Time to End the Indian Pet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I ran across this open letter to Donald Trump, begging Donald Trump to stand with the Sioux in North Dakota, because some people like missionaries enjoy collecting tan and dark skins as pets as it makes them feel superior to the primates.

The Lame Cherry would like to offer this in return in all of these liberal states that like throwing millions of dollars to Obama community organized communist terrorists, AKA Indians  AKA Native Americans, please adopt them and take them home.

Take North Dakota for example. The Indians have been on the welfare dole for 150 years, and are as worthless as they were when New York was selling them rifles to make money off of them. The best thing would be to give the Indian 160 acres of land to develop it, and if they can not get it done in 7 years, give it to some Americans.
The rest of Standing Rock can go to other Americans  to build homesteads on.

All pretty simple, as states like South Dakota are mostly nothing Indian reservations like New Mexico, so let's put all these Indians in Chicago, where liberals love keeping pets, and everyone wins.
The Indians get Obama community organized welfare in Chicago, lots of war from Rham Emanuel, and liberals get red skins to put on a leash to feel superior to.

The Western states get land to develop and American wins.

I will repeat this again that Standing Rock protests are not about oil, because the Indians were loving getting oil pumped on their lands making fortunes, polluting the land. This is about the Indians wanting to blackmail a big cut out of oil companies and are put up  to this with Soros rent a terrorists hiding behind Indians, so..........yes the globalists can bankrupt North Dakota oil, so Saudi terrorists in Citibank will seize those assets, so that oil money will all flow into these bankster banks.

That is what this is about, but as liberals want to stand with Indians.........I am all for it, because Andrew Jackson dumped them into the West like Oklahoma, and it is time these Indians get dumped back in the East to be pets, as they are communist leeches who produce nothing, and expect to freeload like the new batch of Obama invaders.

So let's end the Reservation system for how abhorrent it is. Divide the lands up as they should be, and give the Indian a choice of being an America so they can vote in elections, or they can be foreigners and not vote in American elections.

The only people suffering are the Americans stuck with these Indians in their states, as the reservations are nothing but money laundering dumps, of meth factories and democrat voting blocks.

Segregation ended in America, it is time it was enforced in ending Reservations, and no better way is to relocate them to Chicago.

Nuff  Said

Thanksgiving Day Open Letter To Donald Trump
By Stephen Lendman
  On January 20, you’ll succeed Barack Obama as America’s 45th president, an awesome responsibility as you admitted.

You’ll have the power of your incumbency to use for good or ill - at a time I call the most perilous in world history.

Bipartisan neocons infest Washington, a powerful, destructive force. Allied with Wall Street, war profiteers and other corporate predators, they want endless wars; wealth, power and privilege served exclusively; not peace, stability and governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

While campaigning, you made lofty promises. Were they empty or real? Will history remember you as just another dirty business as usual leader or a force for positive change?

Will you renounce perverse notions of American exceptionalism; the indispensable nation; US moral, ethical and cultural superiority; its divine right for dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations?

Will you end US imperial wars against nations threatening no one? Will you halt support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, combating them cooperatively with Russia instead?

Will you normalize relations with Moscow as promised, end illegally imposed sanctions by executive order, meet with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, invite him to Washington for an official state visit, and afford him the same respect shown numerous other leaders?

Will you save humanity from unthinkable nuclear war? Will you be a peacemaker, not warrior at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents?

Will your policies turn public critics into supporters? Will your tenure deliver historic change or hugely dangerous continuity?

I’m skeptical but hopeful. It springs eternal in me always. Without it, all is lost. I refrained from criticizing you post-election, withholding judgment until you begin governing.

Depending on policies you institute, I’ll either be one of your staunchest supporters or severest critics.

You pledged to drain the swamp, restore honor to Washington, challenge special interests responsibly, give working people a voice for the first time, improve their lives and welfare, and be a leader for all Americans, not just its privileged few.

Were they empty promises or ones you intend to fulfill? Will your agenda diverge dramatically from the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama?

Their administrations were responsible for endless wars of aggression, contempt for democratic values and rule of law principles, special interests favored over popular ones, along with horrific human rights abuses harming tens of millions at home and abroad.

Thanksgiving for long-suffering Native Americans is a day for mourning - remembering decades of state-sponsored genocide, ongoing this moment against Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members in North and South Dakota, their sacred ancestral lands threatened, their people and supporters brutalized by police state viciousness.

Are you with or against them, Donald Trump? Do you support justice or corporate predation? You’ve been silent in the face of unconscionable abuse - ongoing for months, continuing while millions of Americans enjoy a long holiday weekend, yourself and family included.

Jane Fonda is in Standing Rock, in solidarity with indigenous Sioux   and supporters, involved in serving them Thanksgiving dinner.

Will you stand with them symbolically? Will you say so publicly? Will you serve all Americans responsibly, not just its privileged few? History will judge you accordingly.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago.

The SIOUX ARE NOT INDIGENOUS to America. The Sioux invaded America from CANADA, and for 300 years committed genocide on various Asian tribes in the Pawnee, Crow, Ree, Hidatsa and Mandan.

It helps if liberals would stop making pets of Indians and based their opinions on the facts.