Monday, November 28, 2016

President Trump Govern from the 85% of America not the 15% Kurschner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter Lame Cherry Concentrate.

There is this hidden IPSOS Poll which had a great deal of data in it, which revealed that 5 out of 6 or almost 85 out of 100 Americans supported the wide ranging stopping of importing invaders  and other Trump policies, and yet I am mystified that President Trump's amnesty message was about healing America which is divided.

Mystified in instead Mr. Trump divided and destroyed his own base by disavowing the Alt Right, for a Nazi salute which they did not do, and Reince Priebus going out and stating that Donald Trump was against 85% of the American People's will.

Seriously, Mr. President, your advisers should all be fired, because they are lying to you, and for a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, the way one heals a divided Nation is to vanquish their enemies first rigorously, and then begin governing to the will of 85% of the American People.

Except for one token appointment in Jeff Sessions, a moderate, President Trump has not nominated nor appointed any of his hard core American Supporters. This is something which absolutely is without excuse. We did not vote for Donald Trump to get the Jeb Bush cabinet.

I will repeat that.

Americans did not vote for Donald Trump as President to get a Jeb Bush cabinet.

- Lame Cherry.

And yet that is exactly the shit we have being shoveled upon us.

Donald Trump made promises, and unless he has a desire to be impeached due to Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner intrigue, carried out by Paul Ryan, after Hillary Clinton softens up Mr. Trump in this electoral college schism, Mr. Trump is offered up the following now to save himself.

Mr. Trump needs to speak something like this.

I told all of you what liars we had in the media and the insiders, and after this election it has gotten worse, in I have been lied to and people around me have gotten fired, in an attempt to isolate me, and keep the policies which you voted for me to implement from being made the law of the land. Therefore I am going to fire these people, and will appoint the American Hard Core which is in agreement, and as of this moment, there will be criminal investigations into all of this.

I do not believe that Donald Trump has it in him to do this, so a timeline will develop in which his enemies will envelop him and bring his ruin, and create a situation where he lashes out with his own police state, as he transforms into what he should have been from the beginning.

Seriously, President Trump needs his own secret police, as I stated before in counsel, a praetorian guard to execute justice throughout America for Mr. Trump and the American People.

As all have now witnessed what is engulfing President Trump, once again you can now understand the statement, Lame Cherry right again.

Every movement needs a Cromwell, a Hoover or a Himmler to protect the leader and the movement.

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