Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Economics

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I know this is time for some Lame Cherry Concentrate, as I explain the Trump Economy, in why Wall Street stock is rising due to investors and not Obama money dumps.

See  Obama looted the US Treasury of 20 trillion dollars in US debt. That money has been sitting there buying up stocks like Amazon or Bezos rockets, but producing nothing, but debt, which is then traded in a quadrillion in derivatives worth nothing.

What Mr. Trump's Economy is looking like though is building things, and investing not regime money, but private capital back into America.

Think of it like this:

Coca Cola is sitting with 500 million dollars in offshore profits which it can not bring back into Obamerica where it will be taxed. With Mr. Trump, he with Congress will lower those tax rates, so a corporation sees that by paying a small share in taxes, they will gain a multiple increase in profits on that 500 million.

It is the same situtation across the board in Trump energy which will begin making huge profits in coal, oil and gas. There will be infrastructure built, power plants built, and the entire job base expanded.
Companies seeing that across the board from steel, to Ford, to Silicon Valley, look at that as more profits for them as the economy is expanding.

Into this is the building of airports and bridges, with American workers, in that will be a 500 billion dollar investment for Americans. Once again that is trucks, that is oil, that is steel, that is concrete, that is jobs, in more expansion.

Now so you understand this, as Obama looted the Treasury to 20 trillion dollars, that money is sitting there as there is nothing to buy with it except stocks in dead end. Wall Street sees that as Americans  who are 95 million unemployed begin working that part of their paychecks then begin flowing into 401k's which is Wall Street, and Coca Cola can sell their stock to investors again, pay off their Obama debt in cheap money, and become solvent as they are EXPANDING now into that 20 trillion dollar economy as there are actually products to purchase which creates more wealth for everyone.

Into this, you have those horrid speculators who have been trying to get the Fed to raise interest rates for their debt to have value. That would bring ruin to America under Obama and Clinton, but with a Trump economy, in the US paying off it's debt, and PEOPLE not going into debt as they have jobs to buy homes, vehicles etc..., when interest rates rise, it will be like under Ronald Reagan where elderly people will be able to retire to Florida and live on bank account interest, before HW Bush and Clinton screwed the system for small investors so rich people would get free money.
As this progresses as in Reaganomics, then all of that dead zone money at Wall Street is instead in part at your local bank, and that money is financing people to buy things and build your community, and those who saved that money.........yes can live off the interest.

That is the reason that people who invest are going wild over Donald Trump as President, as his Trump Economy is Reagan's is John Kennedy's. It is a production economy in which the money is not centered in the 1%, but flows to the 99% who are actually doing the work, and driving the economy.

Understand it this way. What is better in Jeff Bezos at Amazon using vendors to scalp each other selling tampons to the poor masses, or those masses all buying big screen televisions in 100 million of them employing workers there, workers in Silicon valley, truckers, packers etc..., all buying things too, or Jeff Bezos just buying moon rockets?
The money is always in the masses of people, and allow them to work to their greed, and it makes an entire nation prosperous.

This seems to be a bit of a triple shot of Lame Cherry Concentrate, but this requires explaining as no one else has or will.......yeah I know in a few days you will be hearing of people talking about all of this as their own in Trump Economics.

It is possible with Donald Trump as President, that the 2017 bubble which was supposed to bust which Obama created, may not bust as the economy begins to expand and settle out to real investment and production which would set off a 3rd dip of the Obama Super Depression.
We at least have a chance with Donald Trump, and all of those shortsighted detractors should be ashamed as without being in the White House, the mere presence of Donald Trump is beginning to affect the US financial system in a positive way.

God willing the horrors which are prophesied may be lessened.

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