Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Secret of Wisdom is Nausea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I believe I have reached wisdom.

Wisdom in ecclesiastical human is not Proverbial God given Wisdom, that must be understood and that is sort of wisdom. Like hating evil and practicing good is the beginning of Wisdom.

Like, I no longer reach down and pet a pretty dog, get bit, and then have the owner drive up and say, "Wow I am glad you found my dog, as I had her at the vet, because she was frothing at the mouth this morning and I thought she had rabies............

See that is wisdom.

Wisdom is like you get home tired, and have nothing to eat, and talk yourself into scraping off the mold in something in back and heating it up and eating it, whereby you spend the rest of the night keeping Charmin, Rolaids and Hefty stocks soaring by the amount of non moldy food coming out of you as you promise God you will never do something that stupid again........

That is wisdom in not eating the moldy food and mixing up some Malt o Meal.

Wisdom is like a service engine light comes on in the car, and you do not run to the dealer to cost you 600 bucks, but you wait a few days and sure enough the light goes off because it was Homeland screwing with you again..........

Wisdom is like not buying the cheap gas, because Zelda does not like it and decides to pretend she is not going to run 500 miles from home........

Wisdom is like not watching anything with Meryl Streep one of Mrs. Tom Cruise's in them, because it is hours of your life you will never get back.......

The surest sign of wisdom is now I expect the worst to happen, and still being disappointed as I set my sights too high in I would actually have liked to have worst to have happened as it would be an improvement.

So I think I am getting wise or at least am no longer as stupid as I used to be. Like I no longer think kerosene and gasoline are interchangable, as one burns and the other tries to explode in lamps. I no longer believe everything I read, but instead just read only those things I believe.

All of this saves a great deal of time in having to do things over, or having to bandage my wounds, as while I heal as fast as I always have, I sort of am running out of skin now that does not have scars on it.

I do like wisdom,  because I spend less time thinking I am going to die and less time having to beg God to believe me that I am not as stupid as I was before I ate that extra piece of cheesecake because it would be a sin to have it go to waste.

Nuff Said