Monday, November 28, 2016



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mr.  President, Donald Trump, will you please stop sullying the Office of the Presidency in meeting with this lying, cheating, cock for brain, David Petraues, who was not bright enough to not be seduced by a  Bush fam and Obama honey pot to keep him from being a political rival in 2016.

Nom de Deus, it is like every day now I have to post something since you put TRUMP TRANS in charge in this Pence group of traitors and Kurschner group of infiltrators. They are doing the job that Hillary Clinton and George Soros want done, and that is your hamstringing so Rat Ryan rules you and puts you on a leash or you are impeached.

Once again, no David Petraeus, no Mitt Romney, no Newt Gingrich, No Rudy Guiliani, and no Rand fuzz brain Paul.

You have a list, starting with Dana Rohrabacher, Dan Quayle, John Lehman, Bob Dornan, Michele Bachmann who are ACCEPTABLE. It is not acceptable to be even meeting with an adulterous cock head.

I realize that I will send the Rense crowd into orbit, but I would accept Richard Pearle, who worked for John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. I agreed with the Neocon principle of making democracies out of Muslims as it was a noble undertaking to free those people, but they have proven they are incapable of self governing, so there will be no more of that, and no more Obama murdering Nationalist Muslims to install community organized terror Islam to plunder oil out of Libya, Iraq and Syria.
Muslims need tyrants to kill terrorists in their own lands like the good olde days.

So you have your list in who you have  not met with in astute people who can deal with Russia, because this is about RUSSIA, first and last, and last and first. Fix Russia and all other problems cease starting with China.

You are falling behind Mr. President in Vladimir Putin seized upon Obama failures in the Philippines and is now selling them weapons. I repeat Mr. President, get your shit together, and that means getting Christian Conservatives appointed to ALL of the remaining posts. That means you get your shit together as your are phoning Carrier in thinking keeping them in the US is important, and Vladimir Putin sold guns to the Philippines undercutting Americans and jobs.
It is not that hard to inform Carrier  that they leave America, that all of their products will be sitting in customs forever, and all their exports to other nations will be seized on the high seas, as they explain this act of defiance against America in the courts for 20 years.

Problem solved.

If you want friends, call up Sean Hannity or get a dog, instead of wasting your time on pissy little companies.

I have some advice for you Mr. President and it comes from my beloved Uncle. He was an avid, hunter, fisher and trapper, and advised this:

"You do not ask people things, because they have their own ideas and you might not get access. Instead, you inform people of the way it is going to be, and they will oblige."

Beloved Uncle of Lame Cherry

You are President. You do not go to the New York Times. You do not phone up Carrier. You summon. You order, and you make people get sick to the stomach in wondering what the hell kind of trouble is coming when they hear Donald Trump  is thinking about them.

If you communicate, you hire the most terrifying sons of bitches to send your message, so they piss themselves.

This blog has been proven absolutely correct in counsel to you Sir, and if you followed it, you would not be trying to catch up agaqin.

You do not get along Mr. President, you make people submit to your will before you ask.

Examples must be made, repeatedly now.

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