Thursday, November 24, 2016

No President Trump does not have Carte Blanche

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us all get something straight, in Donald Trump, President Donald Trump does not have free reign to appoint whoever in the hell he wants to Cabinet, Court or other appointments. There is the matter of the almost 100 million voters who voted for Mr. Trump who are HIS BOSS.

So Kelleyanne Conway who has time to tweet, but not inform her boss that Mr. Trump going to the New York Times for an ambush and burning his Alt Right backers out of the Trump tent, is some girl not doing her job!!!

She also stressed loyalty as a key trait for a secretary of State in a follow-up tweet.

Let us get this straight and understood. Conservatives, Christians and hosts of people are the ones who put Donald Trump over the top by God's Grace............and yet I have yet to witness one Christian gaining the top spot.
Instead we have before us the ludicrous dangling of Mitt Mormon Romney before us, with Kellyanne Conway putting before Americans the examples of Henry Kissinger and George Schultz as Secretary of States who served Nixon, Ford and Reagan.
Apparently Mrs. Conway is blonde to the brain, because Schultz undermined the Conservatives non stop in his whining in plotting to seized power with Nancy Reagan, instead of dealing with Bush fam, and then there was Dr. Kissinger who for the Rockefellers helped get rid of Richard Nixon.

Apparently Kellyanne Conway is an asstard or she thinks everyone out here is an asstard and can be manipulated into talking points that Rockefeller cock extensions are what Americans voted for.

Donald Trump answers to Americans first and last. I put up with these moderates like Sessions, Pompeo, Flynn, and this kinder to the terrorists Mad Dog Madman for DOD who does not think that torture accomplishes anything, and now have had to endure this Haley crotch rocket at the UN weakening America as  a payback for the Lt. Gov. of South Donald Trump has had his moderates and softies. It is time that Christian Conservatives be appointed to the remaining slots PERIOD, as this Kushner has been busy decapitating everyone from power that elected Donald Trump by God's Grace.

This Mike  Pence cuck for Koch is a disaster and has used up all of Donald Trump's political good will with Americans.

So unless President Trump offers up someone better than former Navy Secretary John  Lehman for Secretary of State, let us all remember that the Lame  Cherry informed Candidate Trump that the two Representatives in Washington State, being accomplished women belonged as Vice President and the Lame  Cherry has proven right.

Christian American is the reason by God's Grace that Donald Trump is President, and Christian America has not gotten shit out of this Trump, Kushner, Pence trio. Do not piss on my leg and tell me Mitt Romney is suited for dealing with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un. Mitt Romney is a traitor to America like his old Mormon  man.

When President Donald Trump allows his son in law to play with matches and set fire the Big Tent, and incinerate the Alt Right, go scorched earth in rescuing Hillary Clinton, so Breitbart, Ann Coulter and Judicial Watch are all being burned at the stake, this is not Krystalnacht none of us signed up for.

Where are the Christian Conservatives Mr. Trump in your top and bottom Cabinet posts? You have not appointed any and now you are pissing on our legs telling us that Mormon Romney is qualified?

Nom de  Deus, you could appoint Robert Mercer as Secretary of State or his daughter, and 2 brains more than Romney ever will have

To the Trump transition, you have deliberately barred Christians from the Victory Party on election night, and now have gone scorched earth in driving your supporters out of your Trump Tent. Your Administration is on the verge of collapse before Donald Trump is even in the White House, because you have booted God and His elect from the places they have earned.

God does not bless that which is against Him.

In Thanksgiving pause, Trump calls for national healing...

Christian Americans did not create this divide Mr. President, and we sure as Truth are not going to go join Sodom and lay down with Gomorrah in a Divine Reckoning. You, Mr. President deepened the divide in not appointing any Christian Conservatives and by allowing your transition to burn out your supporters.
If Chris Christie and the Alt Right were such sons of bitches when you need them to win, you should have flamed them then for your unity, not after they were the reason you won by God Grace.

But oh look, someone is allowing the Israeli state to burn down........gee I wonder who that could be in creating chaos to suck America into more wars, so they can implement their factional control over the Jewish state.

Sort of hard to make people believe in unity, when you want to sodomize Christians and the family mafia is lighting fires for more wars.