Thursday, November 24, 2016

Robert K. Dornan, Secretary of State

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Robert K. Dornan, horoscope for birth date 3 April 1933, born in New ...

As President Donald Trump appears to have issues with finding CONSERVATIVE, CHRISTIAN AMERICANS for Secretary of State, the Lame Cherry again posts the demand for the only person who is qualified, without any equals.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

ROBERT K, DORNAN, the Reaganite

Bob Dornan - Wikipedia

Robert Kenneth "Bob" Dornan (born April 3, 1933) is a Republican and former member of the United States House of Representatives from California and a vocal advocate ...

  • During a House debate in 1994, Dornan outed fellow Republican representative Steve Gunderson, accusing him of having a "revolving door on his closet."[11]
  • In a 1986 U.S. House speech, he called Soviet journalist Vladimir Posner a "disloyal, betraying little Jew who sits there on television claiming that he is somehow or other a newsman."[12] This was the only statement Dornan apologized for, saying, "That's the only thing in my life I ever lost sleep over".[13] Dornan also said that he intended "to say 'Judas,' not 'Jew,'" as a rebuttal to Posner's insistence that the Soviet Union was free of anti-Semitism.[13]
  • "Every lesbian spear chucker in this country is hoping I get defeated." — to a Los Angeles television reporter in 1992 regarding a female challenger in the primary election.[13][14]
  • On a January 28, 1994 appearance on Politically Incorrect, Dornan declared it was "The Year of the Penis" due to recent events in the news. This was a joke in regard to the 1992 media and political reference as that election being referred to as "The Year of the Woman", when 4 women won election to the United States Senate.[15]
  • "You are a slimy coward. Go register in another party." — to Orange County (CA) Republican Central Committee member William Dougherty after he supported Dornan's opponent in 1996.[16]

I have had it with these cocksuckers like Romney, Gingrich, Guliani, and Petraeus.