Monday, November 28, 2016

The Trump Coup Scorecard

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said transition was going smoothly despite the large shockwave rippling through Washington about Trump's lobbying restrictions.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the coup against President Donald Trump is in full motion, it is probably time to do a bit of a scorecard, so you know who the players are in keeping track of this, as it probably will be confusing, now that everyone is lying.

First though, you need to understand something, like in 2001, when out of the blue these stories about the Oklahoma City bombers were all over the media for a few days. See, the people who are in  the shadows, knew OKC was a fraud in the ATF was involved in a Clinton type wag the dog, like Obama in Hutatree, and with the Bundy's being set up in the way you get a President to comply with your concerns is to get him to pay attention, by promoting a scandal that exists, which W would have to prosecute the Clinton's for.
The story went away, because W gave the shadowlands what they were seeking.

That is sort of the problem in the TRUMP TRANS team, as the Trump campaign all started out with Donald Trump running for President and his family not believing he had a chance.........and then the children realizing he had a chance wanted the power, and then the son in law Jared Kurschner swept in to perform an Ashkenaz Mafia cleansing in getting the lovely wife, Ivanka, to knock off Corey Lewandowski, then Paul Manafort, and Mike Pence gland handed the Trumpkinder promising all fidelity, but now we have two camps in the Trump Administration:

Camp 1: Son in law Ashkenaz mafia, which was involved in the negotiations with the computer hackers involved in this election who want to put President Trump on the Israeli state leash hawking their policies

Camp 2: Mike Pence of Big Koch, allied with the Neocons from Mitt Romney to Paul Ryan, who want to put President Trump on an impeachment leash, before tossing his ass out.

You will notice in this that the TRUMP TRANS are not representing any Americans, and you are right, and that is why everyone in grumbling over being kicked to the curb, while all of these damned moderates and fag Obama minions championed by the children are appearing, and Christians have experienced vanishing point as have Conservatives in Cabinet appointments.

Now that you understand those players, let us add Edward Snowden of Control, who have their own issues in playing very good chess in offering that Russian hackers flipped the elections for Trump. Of course that is bogus, but it does signal that the Trump Administration has not been giving proper note to Control and the things that they want.

This then moves onto George Soros of the Rothschilds in their sponsoring Jill Stein to election recount, and dragging sick old Hillary out to rant about Wisconsin votes........yes Big Koch Wisconsin, Reince Priebus Wisconsin, Paul Ryan Wisconsin and Scott Walker Wisconsin, all involved now in a coup to weaken Donald Trump presidentially so  their Obama policies of slave invaders and Treasury money dumps, with monopoly control of things.....and their crimes, will not be dealt with, as Mr. Trump will be facing impeachment as Paul Ryan will not be able to withstand the least that is what he will inform President Trump as he puts the leash on Donald Trump, and every thing you expected Donald Trump to overturn in Congress will all read like something Nancy Pelosi wrote.

See this all connects, in the same oligarchs, same Neocons, same GOPliters and same nation rapists as before. The mistake that Donald Trump made is playing nice, instead of disarming and handing out impeachment bazookas to his enemies.

Jared Kurschner thought he was a bright boy. The problem is the NSA and every intelligence network knew damn well what he was doing in the Balkins, and now it is going to come home to roost, unless of course the Lame Cherry begins constructing an escape time line for President Donald Trump who would be oblivious to all of this, but Vice President Joe Biden was just as involved in electioneering, as these were the NSA Obama hackers and an understanding was being reached.

This is all about balance, in you can not throw Jared Kurschner into jail for being helpful in the Balkans, as you would throw Joe Biden into jail as all of this hacking stuff would begin tracing back inside the NSA.
It might be best if son in law, sort of disappeared with his mafia, before a tit for tat oh that is right, you have Chris Christie who was knifed in the back with over 100 staffers from enjoying the spoils because Pop Kurshner was a crook. See obliterating over 100 powerful people so your cronies get to eat the cake, has these Christie people looking for revenge.
You have Pence's traitors looking to cement power in knocking off the Trumpkinder, who have Obama ideas of their own, and it all starts shaping up to be a real Krystalnacht, as the generosity of Donald Trump has been engulfed by the malevolence of these Trump Trans traitors who hate Americans as much as Hillary Clinton.

This would be the advice to President Donald Trump, as he honestly needs some, in he is far too honest and kind, and has gotten himself Alamo'd by this treacherous lot.

It is a start in Kellyanne Conway looking to keep her job, has trashed Romney and is out talking trash. Good girl in doing that, and good girl in threatening to indict old Hamrod. Once again, if Kellyanne Conway had a brain under the blonde, we would not have this problem if she had simply said Jeff Sessions was in charge of prosecuting Hamrod and President Trump was in charge of pardons.
Now they are playing from behind threatening Hillary, instead of keeping her at bay. From this point on President Trump needs a hatchet bastard hammer to Himmler all this into the proper terror factor, and Chris Christie must be placed in charge of some triad of, Group 88 (They are the ones who knock on doors serving warrants with a German 88), the Executive Action Group EAG, who investigate and bring for indictment before the Peoples Court, all of these Soros Clinton traitors, to install the proper degree of fear which is necessary.
Drag a few dozen reporters out in their pink undies at 3 AM and make a few arrests on air at CNN, and it will be amazing how things will start smoothing out.

Where was I?

Oh yes, someone in real intelligence needs to appease Control as they are auditioning for things. This takes care of Edward Snowden as he really needs a pardon and some nice debaucherous woman from Paris to give him something to do.

Some people are going to have to take the fall for the coup against Donald Trump though. Mike Pence is a good candidate who can confess to numbers of things. He should be replaced by that Cathy Rogers something out of Washington and all will be gleeful in having a woman as Vice is ok if Pence signs a confession in private and suffers an attack of pepperoni in having to retire.
Get the same confession from Reince Priebus, in he shuts his mouth, gets every law passed as Americans vote for, or he hits the grey bar hotel too.

Chris Christie would also executive action Big Koch and the Aspen Institute, and let them cool in Gitmo for awhile so the funding of this Trump coup would cease.

Well, that is the players and the scorecard, and some modifications to put the innocent Donald Trump back on track to make America great again. It is a pity that so many plotters have lied to President Trump in promoting themselves instead of the agenda Mr. Trump promised Americans.

I love my daughter Ivanka, but I simply must disavow the association with her husband over this transition. Families must not be involved in government.

Great statement as son in law goes off to Bosnia and you get security clearances for Eric and Don to provide the degree of separation for operations they will be aware of, but the President must never be informed of.

So much repeating things, but it would have helped if someone would have listened and given the popular girl credit the first time all of this was posted, and then we would not be having this coup taking place and playing catch up, as Vladimir Putin is selling arms to the Philippines now.

FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte attend a meeting on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Lima, Peru, November 19, 2016 © Mikhail Klimentyev

Touche' Vladimir

These situations need to be dealt with before they take place Mr. President.

Now you have just 10 more posts to fill with Conservative Christians and 5000 civil service positions to fill with Conservative Christians.

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