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The 2008 Barack Obama / Hillary Clinton Quid Pro Quo for 2016

I did not have email with that man, John Podesta

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Hillary Clinton's bag man, John Podesta has a great shell game going on in the EMAILGATE crimes of Hillary Clinton, now demanding that 650,000 emails now be dumped. Somehow Podesta has amnesia in if Hillary Clinton had not erased and wiped all of these emails in covering up her crimes, none of this would now be an issue.
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PODESTA: 'Have To Dump All Those Emails'...

There is something which surfaced at Zero Hedge concerning the newly appointed "investigator" of Huma Abedin, which requires a bit of expansion and exposure in Peter Kadzik, because in a past Clinton life, he was the stooge sent in by Marc Rich to twist John Podesta's arm, to twist Bill Clinton's on for the infamous 11th hour pardon.
For those who do not know who Marc Rich was. Marc Rich was the brilliant money launderer for the cartel, who took Bill Clinton's, Oil for Palaces scheme with Saddam Hussein, and moved that money as bribes for all the despots throughout Europe in the first ISIS oil scheme run out of the Mideast.
It was deemed that the Clinton's got around 50 million dollars in this deal, because that is the amount of money that Bill Clinton paid himself in overseas "speaking engagements" (sound familiar in Clinton Foundation speeches?), in order to launder this money through.
Yes John Podesta with Marc Rich made the Clintons their first illegal multi millions.

This though is about clean as the virginal  snow Peter Kadzik.


Kadzik has been nominated to serve as assistant Attorney General for legislative affairs within the DOJ. He is currently serving in that role as active assistant AG. Grassley said Kaszik has an “abysmal” record of answering Congress’ questions — a major function of his job.
“Mr. Kadzik is simply not interested in answering Congress’ questions unless he’s forced to or it’s absolutely necessary,” Grassley said. “This office needs leadership that will restore its credibility. … He does not have what it takes to restore that sorely needed credibility.”

While numbers of other sources have jumped into Wikileaks concerning Kadzik, none have shown the pattern in the Podesta emails, which reveal the incestuous corruption which thee entire Obama Clinton political union has always been.
Most troubling below is not the email that shows that Kadzik obtained his job in Obama Justice from Podesta, which should have Kadzik recusing himself from investigating Huma Abedin, but in the stunner of stunners, in 2008 there was a CLINTON OBAMA QUID PRO QUO, in which it was worked out that for Hillary Clinton's "cut in the Obama regime", John Podesta was the "go to guy" for democratic politicians all looking for a job or an insider deal.

This all starts with the son of Peter Kadzik, emailing John Podesta for a job in New York, working with Hillary Clinton. PJ is employed at Kadzik's wife's firm, but the jump up to working with Clinton is what this insider deal is all about.
Again, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton got the job, meaning Huma Abedin was in on this, to get the son of the investigator at Justice, a job.
What is taking place with Peter Kaditz is against he law.

Re: Reaching Out: PJ Kadzik

Let me check around. On May 5, 2015 7:44 AM, "PJ Kadzik" wrote: 

> John,

> I would be very grateful for any support or guidance you may be able to > provide in my quest to work on Hilary's campaign. Again, I hope all is > well and I look forward to hearing back from you. > > > > Many thanks, > > PJ Kadzik

Below you will discover an entire running dinner intimacy between Kaditz and the Podesta brothers. These people eat together more than their are federal holidays.

For those who need a memory alpha revisit, image Obama and the wife, when they leave  the White House, are going to be living next to Tony Podesta. That is how joined at the hip all of this is.

RSVP - Midnight Dinner

Re: Dinner tomorrow night

Great. C u then. On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 10:39 PM, John Podesta wrote: > Yes sorry. 7:30 at our place > > On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, Peter Kadzik wrote: > >> We on?

Re: HBD!

 One little note in this, it probably needs to be looked into, as Peter Kadzik has his own personal email account, as do all of these Obama officials. It needs to be investigated if Kadzik has been illegally emailing classified information on his emails as Hillary Clinton was.

Re: See you at Posto, 7:30-ISH

This Wikileaks is posted in passing, to ask what it was Peter Kadzik, immediately after the Obama election theft in 2008, was up to in Wisconsin, with elected officials there, in what was Podesta working out in a quid pro quo with them?

Phone calls

Yes, John Podesta was given a personal invitation to Peter Kadzik's wife, Amy's 50th birthday. Amy is found in the Wikileaks mentioned in contacted Jennifer Palmieri of the Clinton staff for a job for little boy Kadzik in working for the Clinton campaign.

Celebrate Amy's 50th

You've received an invitation from Peter Kadzik! View Invitation: Peter Kadzik invited you to Celebrate Amy's 50th Friday, March 06, 2015 from 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM Equinox Restaurant Please join me in celebrating Amy's birthday -- swing by for a cocktail or glass of bubbly to honor her.
No gifts, please. Your presence is presents enough (on orders of Amy!)

Again the intimacy of a long list of donors, in which the Podestas, their wives and Peter Kadzik and his wife are donating to the same sweet spot.

Fwd: list

Please see below for spreadsheet. A few more came in on Saturday they are not in there yet I will update tomorrow. I am really touched by the amazing support. Thank you. xo

did not end up attending Peter Kadzik 1 $250.00 in Amy Weiss check for $500

Tony Podesta 1 $500.00 Mae Podesta Mary Podesta 1 STAFF John Podesta 1 $1,000.00 

It is this background of intimacy which records that Kadzik along party lines was installed as Assistant Attorney General.
Senator Charles  Grassley voted against the nomination, as he stated that Kadzik has a history of not answering questions and being a cover up artist.......and Kadzik's job was supposed to be answering Congressional questions.

Peter Kadzik | TheHill

The Senate voted 55-43 to confirm Peter Kadzik as assistant Attorney General at the Department of...

This is the smoking gun email of the Obama Clinton Quid Pro Quo from 2008. This is most interesting in Betty Currie was Bill Clinton's go  to gal, and she is running the list for John Podesta, of key people who are reaching out to Podesta and the Clintons and not the Obama regime for insider jobs.
Charles Rangel at the bottom is right in this, as Obama tried to throw Rangel into prison as Obama did Rod Blagojevich.
Note in this that even whore hirer, Elliot Spitzer is calling Podesta to get him a job. This is the list which shows that a deal was worked out that obtained for Hillary Clinton, more than Secretary of State in this influence pedaling there. Obama gave Clinton numerous positions to fill at John Podesta's discretion and you see at the top of this list is Peter Kadzik phoning it in for a job.

Calls for Today - Tuesday, November 17th

 This email rounds out  the caliber of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama misfortunates, where John Podesta emails C Butts of the Obama campaign a glowing endorsement of Peter Kadzik, in Kadzik kept John Podesta out of prison.

Peter Kadzik


A Justice Department summary provided to two Republican congressional committee chairmen Tuesday found that a WASR-10 rifle, purchased six years before in the U.S., was one of three rifles fired in the July 27 assault in the town of Valle de Zaragoza. It was not immediately known which weapon caused the officers’ fatal wounds.

“ATF and the (Justice) Department deeply regret that firearms associated with Operation Fast and Furious have been used by criminals in the commission of violent crimes, particularly crimes resulting the death of civilians and law enforcement officers,’’ Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik said in a Tuesday letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley of Iowa and House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Yes that is Peter Kadzik, pure as the virginal snow. Obama Holder's weapons sales to Mexican mafia, still murdering people and Kadzik regrets being associated with it, but no indictments of Obama or Holder will be coming.

The next headline will be Huma's cat, Ms. Cuntlicker is the one who downloaded the emails onto Tony Wiener's laptop.....because like Hillary, they are both virginal clean as the driving snow too.

LEAKED EMAIL: Email To John Podesta, Hillary And Bill 'Likely ...

LEAKED EMAIL: Email To John Podesta, Hillary And Bill 'Likely Criminal ... "You represent a client that is not honest and is most likely criminal.