Tuesday, November 15, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly am reluctant to explain the following, because after I posted on the brilliant strategy of Mr. Trump in his campaign in utilizing WWE tactics, I witnessed a moron attempting to be  popular in posting a stupid looking photo of Mr. Trump's head pasted onto a match character, which played into the hands of our enemies.

ANYTHING that makes people question Mr. Trump or demans him, assists the criminals attempting to genocide all of us. For those too cucked in the brain to comprehend this, you are informed now what a problem you are, and too many people have worked too hard, including God for you to adding to the problem.

With that caveat, it is important that you understand something in we do not exist in a Trump Dictatorship, even though that would make things easier. The same evil oligarchs are out there, but there are two factions. There is the Obama Clinton looters, and then the rich people who were cut out of the looting. Think of them as the people who back Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and all the Obama enablers who you detest.
We do not live though in a vaccum world. For those who understand Ronald Reagan, Mr. Reagan passed numbers of good policies which were taken over by these Neocons which brought ruin to all the Americas.
The same situation is taking place now in these oligarchs for Paul Ryan, as Big Koch, already had plans if Clinton stole it or Trump won it. The plan now is to utilize Mr. Trump, and that is what you will witness in Obamacare which will transform into Obamashare.

So you understand this, Obama had Joe Biden bribe the medical industry leaders to get them to sign on in millions of dollars. The entire Obamacare money laundering seized 20 percent of the US economy and was worth a fortune as a monopoly which denied millions care, so they would die and provide more profit in the system, which was not profitable in treating the poor.
For the liberals and those who support Obamacare, if this was about you getting healthcare, there would not have been a 2017 explosion in costs of premiums to extort money from you by the IRS. Hillary Clinton was looking forward to the implosion of Obamacare, as it would return Hillarycare in single payer, which her cronies would control the monopoly of. It is always about the money.

What you will see now with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is a joyous removal of Obamacare, but instead making it non mandatory, where the same people who want Obamacare shifted to Medicaide, and the rest of you shifted to medical savings accounts which you control and competition among insurance companies.

Let the Lame Cherry explain in why this works, but why the Obamashare cronies want this. Insurance companies will make a fortune in crossing state lines in offering better plans. Banks will make a fortune in medical saving's accounts. You will recieve the care you want and be happy, and happiest of all, will be hospitals who will see more people insured or having savings accounts, so the hospitals will not be eating the costs of the uninsured.

In this, let us call it TRUMPSHARE, people get what they choose to in cheap rate insurance, savings accounts they control or a government Medicaide program, as Obmacare rationed death disappears. What appears though are the GOP oligarchs who will again make profits in providing the best medical system in the world to the majority who choose it.

I realize that some speed reading, grandstander will now get this half assed wrong and cause problems as they try to grab the stage and plagiarize God's work here, but it is important for you to understand what is coming and why it is the Republicans are now in favor of "fixing" Obamacare.
It is because the monopoly of Obama Clinton is going to be divided up to other groups, who originally had control of this system.

The important part each of us has to demand is making this NOT MANDATORY, so those who do not want it, do not have to pay into it. The free market will include better rates which will bring in more people. For example, I have a catastrophic policy which costs only a few hundred dollars which I will never use, but it is there in case God forbid some horrid crash took place. That kind of plan is something that most 25 year olds would buy as insurance as they are not going to want for a decade the kind of full coverage older people do.

The poor people can have a like Medicaide package of not costing that much, as many elderly people now have in Medicare supplemental coverage, and that is how Obamacare vanishes to the free market of Trumpshare.

If you do not force Americans to do things, they will do it, for a better deal, and that is what Trumpshare will be, a better deal, where the industry which provides medical care for Americans will make the necessary profits in order to advance and maintain the best medical industry in the world. 

There is nothing wrong in using Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to do the work they should have done before. You do not have to trust them, but only make them replace Obamacare with a free choice system which serves three groups. Those who do not want insurance. Those who are poor and want insurance in a government program, and those who can afford health insurance and want a better insurance rate.

Accomplishing that provides the profits for the medical providers to provide all of us care as these illegals are booted out of the system, it pays for the Americans who are paying for the care.

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