Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Barack Obama Calls a White Man

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It is a sad thing to watch and listen to the image of Obama admit that he can not do the successful things a White man can. image Obama's latest interview was one in which all the image could do is express how absolutely unsuccessful Obama is.

This is the same Obama who was mocking Donald Trump a few years ago and taunting Mr. Trump that he would never be President.......again another insight into the shortsightedness of Birther Hussein Obama, but then what would one expect from a foreign child of Indonesia, who tried to get away with stealing foreign aid so he could get an education in the American school system.

It is such a wonderful thing that Black's decided to emancipate themselves from Obama and Clinton in the 2016 elections, as it is embarrassing for all to listen to image Obama say that it just does not match up.

In review of this, in 2009 and 2010, the greatest accomplishment years, it was nothing to do with Birther Hussein. Rahm Emanuel who was White House Chief of Staff had to quit, because Obama and Jarrett were so loony. The entire success for Obama was due to White woman Nancy Pelosi and White man Harry Reid. The only success Obama ever had was finding ways to golf for 8 years instead of showing up for work.

The quotes from image Obama, simply make one cringe for Black America, as when one considers their great success in surviving Obama, the image of Obama does nothing but say, "It can't be done". Absolutely the antithesis of Martin Luther King, whose bust must have been weeping for 8 years in the shattered dreams, and then wept in joy that Donald Trump was finally there to save Black America.

'I think that he successfully mobilized a big chunk of the country to vote for him,' Obama told reporters.

image Obama "thinks" that the reason Mr. Trump won is because more people voted for Mr. Trump than Mrs. Clinton.  That kind of political insight is what one would hear from a 6 year old.

Then there is this gem:

You know, there are certain things that made for good good soundbites, but don't always translate into good policy. And that's something that he and his team will wrestle with in the same way every president wrestles with.'

What a wonder is the mind of Obama. Obama admits he lied to Americans non stop to get elected. image Obama must have wrestled a great deal in not doing anything for 8 years, while others did the work, and he vacationed.

Apparently, there was not Wifi on the golf course in image Obama was not paying attention to anything Donald Trump published for policy.

'I also think that he is coming to this office with fewer set hard-and-fast policy prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be arriving with.'

The fact is Mr. Trump has laid out a series of Promises at Gettysburg, and is one of the few Presidents in the past generation who actually has informed Americans exactly what he is going to accomplish from building the Wall to replacing Obamacare to stopping terrorism with Vladimir Putin.

'Because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than it does when you're President of the United States. Everybody is paying attention. Markets move.'

Yes indeed the markets are paying attention in spiking on the policies of Donald Trump, revealing the investors are delighted to finally be out from Obama's managed misery of Americans.

We close the Obama brilliance as this started with Obama's 6 year old intelligence.

'The federal government and our democracy is not a speedboat. It's an ocean liner, as I discovered when I came into office,' Obama said.

Such a remarkable analogy from the steam age. Every American knows from American History that the American Republic was designed to not function, but to dysfunction, to protect the Government from dictators like Obama who did not adhere to the rule of law in changing things he believed in, but instead brought utter ruin to America.

It would help if Obama was an American, and not a child birthed from African and Asian parents, who spent all of his developmental years in Muslim Indonesia, and then was doped up in Hawaii and New York the rest of his formative years, because then he would have understood America and Americans, especially the trial of being a Black American.

I am trying hard to not ridicule this image of Obama, because it will soon be gone, and liberals have been abused enough by the incompetency of Obama and Clinton, but it is difficult as this is supposed to be a man who was President for 8 years, and instead of "YES WE CAN", all image Obama can express is how failed he is, and being so flat world, that it concludes every one on the planet is as incompetent as image Obama is.

So in review this is what Obama genius is:

I think Donald Trump won the election because more people voted for him than others. When you are a bad leader like me, the economy has problems. I lied about everything I told Americans, but I have not heard a thing Donald Trump said in his policies, because I just could never handle the job.