Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Cherry Morning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought I would tell you about our mornings.

They usually begin around 7, when Mom lets Puntz out for milk and meat. After that interlude, Puntz appears by the bed, and announces it is time to get into bed.

No one may touch Puntz, or Puntz will lay at the end of the bed and look at everyone. After this assessment, comes the kneading of the covers and purring. To which Puntz ventures to the cover line, and accepts being touched lightly.
This is followed by kisses.

This is followed by a retreat to more assessing the situation.

This then is followed by stalking, and savage combat where my hands are clawed and fanged in great fun.

This is followed by pillow prowling, where Puntz grabs my jugular vein and pulls my skin out a half inch.

This is then followed by moving around my head, sitting there, and then going over to TL's head where Puntz perches, and relishes chewing and clawing TL's hair.

This is followed by rest time and then the understanding it is time to get up and do chores, and the first chore is the visitation to the milk bowl.

It is amazing in how large of presence Puntz has put into this house.  She is a very good girl, who at the close of each day, we cuddle and I announce it is time for her bed, to which she lets out this "I am being killed and will kill you protest" and she calmly goes to bed.

I really think these Manx or bobtailed cats are a bit removed from civilized. This is one very intelligent cat, who simply never quits, like her father. She is watching television now and looking for a bug to kill.

That is how our days begin and end.