Saturday, December 24, 2016

American Seder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am doing what I want to do as I post this before the election, for the future. Most of you know Jews exist, some of you morons worship them like some gift from God, but few of you know the Hebrew observances in your American Israelite worship of God.

The Jew has their things they observe, about like most Catholics who dust God off the shelf a few times a year while being sodomites. There is something though in the Passover, which deals with the "plate" on which the feast is assembled, and it is something that I have decided I am going to implement, as I hate pork anyway on Easter.

There are things on this plate which are from Moses in Egypt, and things added, but they are symbols.

The first portion is the mutton or lamb. It is the zeroah, or arm or shoulder. The Jews state the sacrifice is no longer possible........that is correct in Christ fulfilled all, but they have other reasons. They call it the arm of the Lord which delivers.

The second is a hard boiled egg, which symbolizes life. Haggigah, as it was known in Temple times. Jews slice them, dip them in salt water to represent tears and eat them remember the destroyed Temple.
My Temple lives so the salt represents the salt of the Word of God seasoning the world to life.

The third is herbs or bitter herbs in the bitterness of life. It is horseradish whole and ground in chazereth, and karpas in lettuce.

Last is the chopped figs, nuts, raisins, cinnamon and wine called charoseth. This is called the red clay or mortar in Egypt.

In addition are the wine, the unleavened bread and the Haggadah. The Haggadah is the memory of this, and of course I will have the Bible.

For my observance, I plan on the meat, the boiled eggs,  the salad with horseradish, and the fruit salad based on figs, and the wine, the bread and the Bible.

I intend to start this tradition in looking toward the Second Coming of Christ. Still have to get a flock of some sheep for the purpose as finding sheep anything around here, I would have a better chance eating a wool shirt. I figure on beef as beef was always part of the original Abraham Covenant, until the Lord provides some big donation.

I think it will make a pretty dish. Probably be Inspired by some dip too.......Jesus had that sopping things up to hand out, so it is all kosher.

Any way that is something important to me and as I am doing something that interests me, that is what I am working out here.