Friday, December 2, 2016

Bad Niggers Take A Knee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a legitimate question each of you probably needs to answer in if you like being manipulated in psychological operations exploiting you..........because if you do, then stop reading here and tune into the NFL and believe all you are seeing.

If not, then read on to have your eyes open.

See there was this liberal named Hate Cops Matter or Colin Kaepernick of the homosexual San Fransico sodomites, representing the entire NFL and celebrated by these Obama owners..........until their ratings tanked.

So the Baseball League spotted this, and having crapper ratings, and not another Sammy Sousa homerun sham to suck in idiots to hand over money in that fiction with white man Mark McGuire, they set up the World Series to go 7 games so the Cinderella Chicago Cubs would win it the first time in forever.

Yes you believed it all and it is a criminal con.

But that left the bad Nig named Colin ruining ratings in the fag NFL.

So enter in, the Cowboys, America's Team, Jerry Jones brand name in Texas.........replacing that failed Italian Tony Romo, and he just happens to be a black dude named Dak Prescott.......yes right out of central casting, as this is what football fans all want........well no they want a white man winning, but in this NFL trying to loot blacks of their welfare payments, that is what the finance offices picks out.........just like that Black Panther whiner from last year's Super Bowl fiasco. Remember I told you the white guy would win and the black bro would lose before that too.

Any way, so now you are all being manipulated on another "win streak" as the black label is being given to NFL suckers who believe all this brain scam. Too bad for Teddy of the Vikings in Minnesota.....he had hi streak but it peaked too early and Mark Dayton is blowing away coons in Minnesota, so it does not bid well to black audiences to have their hero in "Gun Down the Coons" city.
Besides Vikings are white guys and Cowboys are white guys, but it comes down to Ziggy the owner is in New Jersey and Jerry Jones is in Texas, and Texas trumps Minnesota.........long story for a short version in Dak is about as fake as Daunte Culpepper and that felon Randy Moss, another black duo meant to wow ratings, until white boys in New York Giants destroyed them.

Now your eyes are open to how the Obama NFL is liberally manipulating you again. You got the bad Nigger the NFL loves and then the good Nigger the NFL despises, but will suck in the revenues to make NFL fans forget all about kneeling and hating America.

Yes the billion dollar NFL has staked it all on replacing one Nig on his knees with another Nig fake win streak.

Perhaps you would like this all cleaned up in African American and your being geniuses in never falling for any mindfuckt, but the problem is I am not the one treating Blacks like property and I am not the one manipulating each of you.

Nuff Said