Friday, December 2, 2016

People with Excrement for Brains

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There have been a few posts lately in the Cecil mode of ranters complaining of lions killed in Africa, and one gal in Texas who was tried after shooting a cat without a collar on her property, to the current nuttery of a man in Ohio, shot two dogs from his tree stand, who is now under charges and has been fired from his now you are paying his welfare bills.

Each of you have to face the facts, as no one else is going to point this out, that in many parts of America it is expected to put down cats and dogs, if they are on your property, because rural people tend to have livestock which gets killed because of animals on the loose.

When Killing a Dog Is Legally Justified |

... killing a dog is legally justified, ... the right of a farmer to shoot dogs he said were trying to ... off your property. Farmers may shoot first ...

There is not a carte blanche in this, but I am going to address several things which the hysterics never take into account.

First, answer the questions are deer God's creatures too?

Second, if you are a stupid deer, can you tell the difference between a pair of beloved hunting dogs and coyotes or wolves which just ate your fawn that spring, and do the same thing of using their teeth to hamstring you, and then fangs to pull your guts out as they feed on you?

That is the point in the Ohio story in the hunter saw these dogs running deer, three times under his tree stand, and the third time, he shot them, which in most cases was historical practice across America from game wardens and landowners, as dogs are canines bred to savagely hunt and pursue things until they are dead.

I was visiting TL when three dogs, some asshole from town dropped off at a state park, showed up in our pasture and killed 6 of our geese. Are geese living creatures which deserve protection from invading predators, or are they like you, in Obama thinks you can die on the docks when a Mexican decides to steal a gun from a BLM vehicle and murder Americans.

Everything is so backwards legally in America now, that someone who does the right thing in protecting deer, is now fired, is on trial, and morons at Facebook are ranting about him. When the reality is, this owner of these two dogs is GUILTY of molesting wildlife and interfering with this hunter's licensed sport.
Just because you dog has a collar on and wags it's tail at you, does not mean it is the pit bull ripping the throat out of some child down the street.

Ask yourself, if you think it would be a great idea if Somalis or Mexicans started chasing you down the street, just like that poor deer, and Obama showed up talking about his beloved pet terrorists, while you were freaking out and the person who protected you was charged. Would you like that?

The law which once was America was of common sense. The minute your property starts afflicting on others, is the minute you have lost right to that property and you are the criminal.
Once that dog is out of your control, and on someone elses property, it is no longer your dog, but a criminal that inflicts on other peoples rights. None of that holds any value now in America, as Americans who apply their rights, end up prosecuted and morons online go posse about some pet, as they transfer themselves onto animals, because the mean old world hurt them, and they think these animals love them, when love with an animal is who feeds it best and lets it get away with the most.

I know this from Puntz our rescue cat, in I let her get away with everything, by the sight of my scratched up hands and the fact that I feed her most, and indulge her as I am a soft sell.

I do not like my pets killed or murdered, and not a great deal of our dead pets affected most of you heartless non donors who go insane about a Cecil killing baby impala when a hunter kills it, and go insane over some dogs trying to murder deer when a hunter kills it.

According to WTOV, Chedester told authorities that the dogs had chased a deer past his stand at least three times. The third time, he said, they stopped under his stand.
Chedester then allegedly shot one of the dogs. Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry said he believes the bullet that hit that dog also hit the second dog. Then Chedester allegedly shot the second dog.

I have a bit of news for you, in this was not the first deer these dogs had chased, nor the first rabbits and God only knows what else they hunted and killed, "in getting loose", when chics were in the forest, bunnies in the grass and fawns in the wood.

For those who are still in a fury over this, you just remember that when a Muslim is raping you or the Chicoms invade and bash your family's head in, that they are Obama's and the cartel's pets too, and they simply let them out of the pen, and you have absolutely no right to fight back, and if you do, you are the criminal.

That is what this Trump 2016 election was all about in the right to fight back and not end up like LaVoy Finicum.

..........and odds are those going berzerk over these deer running dogs, are the same ones who cheered when the police state murdered LaVoy Finicum with his hands in the air.

Who protects the deer in the woods, when Americans can not, and the police state is not around, and deer can not dial 911?
Come on Solomon, give an answer, unless your bigotry is unveiled in you really do not care about innocent animals like deer.

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