Friday, December 2, 2016

Recent Reversals of David John Oates

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

The Rense program featured Reverse Speech expert David John Oates, who covered a wide array of subjects from Pizzagate to Andrew Breitbart's murder to Donald Trump.

The Donald Trump reversals are included here to show the goodness of President Trump compared to the disgusting evil which is in this world.

Andrew Breitbart

Soros game - Soros hit outside a hit (a murder)

James Alifantas - pizzagate

one way ticket to hell - believe it for Hillary says law

suing for - we swished Valerie (a lawyer for the pizza place, Valerie Jarrett)

public speech - we love lucifer

wonderful day - she is a sex singer

man and woman speaking to each other- hail satan pleases us 

Kathy O'Brien

going to resperatory arrest  - Hillary do shame

media control - I never push Bush

we had a controler - Obama you're so negative

15 year old girl - pizzagate

about her baby- and my baby went, bastard my dad

baby killed in front of her - and we got to talk

babies aborted by doctor - put them in the well, warn animal

talking about barrels babies in - the book see me in the basket (she thinks she was next to die)

put down the chute - their naked venom

Donald Trump - Cincinnati Ohio

thank you everyone - Wow We Love American

Ohio kept getting better - We like Brexit gift

discuss make America great again - Had a dream on it

the people are pouring in - Yeah we love

set aside our difference - You snuck on us (problems)

relationships are local in family, city, country - Yes hear this (declares war on globalism)

people ran America who did not know what they were doing - no one did

government failed to protect American workers - Heal my friend (Heal America) 

dishonest press - I know the scum I feel them

dishonest press - and I'll serve you revved

shattering the blue wall - the lone wolf dead (ending democratic domination)

not path to win - see I'm the path

appoint Mad Dog Mattis - bad board ( Mattis does not like waterboarding)

women for Trump - I know our math

America lost factories - Be the best

we love our Veterans - We love our value

partner to defeat ISIS - you pray the sun

forgotten Americans -  I make it