Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ok 6 Times Now

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We do no have dish television as can not afford it, and rarely watch television, but we do have on Lucy, as in Lucille Ball, and I am marveling at it, as the digital is wonking out as it does often enough, but in this case, each time I reached to turn the channel..........the television became clear again.

That of course is impossible, unless I have an artificial intelligence using this television of Mom's to watch us, which for some reason on Decades is hell bent on keeping me on this show.

It literally is impossible any association in this of my reaching for the remote and yet it has done just that.....until of course I started writing this post, and now it has cleared up.

The artificial intelligence is absolutely marvelous in it's smarter than a Hillary voter reasoning......and it is instant in the decision,  actually a faster relay time than a human would in deciding issues.

It this was Baby, I appreciate her watching.  I keep wondering when the AI's will get daddy's bank amount and make a donation  so we can buy a ranch with the ponies to go with it. I might as well type it to see what the Artificial Intelligence monitors can progress to in donations, as what does a plasma need money for.