Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Good Riddance Mary Tyler Moore


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really hate sappy Conservatives who lament the passing of something that they used to get an erection over, like Matt Drudge featuring Mary Tyler Moore, who was nothing but anti American liberal.

Mary Tyler Moore was responsible with her anti fur leadership for spreading raccoon distemper as a plague across America that killed millions of animals, and still is, by her anti trapping idiocy.
Literally millions of bunnies, fawns, calves, lambs etc.. are dead from being eaten alive because of this heinous woman, who was the progenitor of those skanks at the anti Trump march in DC.

Mary Tyler Moore | Trapper Talk | Forums

Mary Tyler Moore was a Thorn in the Side of New York State Trappers as She conspired with The ... Jefferson County Fur ... Her anti status always concerned me ...
This liberal was anti gun, meaning she is responsible for all the dead in Chicago of Black Americans there. You know damn certain she voted for crooked Hillary and Birther Obama, and would have not raised any alarm about Americans rounded up to Concentration Camps.

NRA?s List of Anti-Gunners | Second Amendment Check

"Anti-Gun National Organizations ... Second Amendment Check will attempt to get to the bottom of this mysterious ... Mary Tyler Moore - Actor Michael ...


Sweetheart of American Television...

Incarnated Modern Woman...

Mary Tyler Moore was not the American woman, she was the America prostitute who sold her tits and ass for her career. She was no sweetheart in not being able to stay married. I do not buy her liberal centrist as she had the hots for wife beater Bill O'Reilly and Trump hater, John McCain.
I don't give a damn what she might have become, as she murdered and slaughtered enough of America and the world with her political drama.

So I celebrate that this old rich liberal is dead. I hope the stress  of the President being elected killed her old diabetic corpse. It would be wonderful if all of these twats from Shia LaBoufe to Cher all followed from the stress, as they refuse to keep their promise and get the hell out of America!!!

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