Thursday, January 26, 2017


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Excuses are what are made for a bias protecting criminals in things you like having done to others, but would have you hung in a court if you were doing them.

- Lame Cherry

I am not a bleeding heart who believes that all Soldiers are murderers and rapists as Barack Obama was uplifted to in the crimes of George W. Bush, before Obama stole the White House in election fraud. I am not an enabler either in everything American is right when it happens to be Birther Hussein ordering the babies dead for the opium trade.

The Interceptor has a series which all should read to not make excuses for poor Soldiers overworked by Bush and Obama or to claim that everything in a uniform is a Hero, but to gain an understanding of how the German Reich leadership was highly concerned about the psychological effects on German Soldiers in executing numbers of civilians...........and how a culture in the Navy SEALS degraded in a group of "operators" who began by harvesting DNA off of terrorists, evolved to chopping on terrorists with hatchets, to splitting skulls open with bullets, to the answer why the American public was cheated out of pictures of Sheik bin Laden's stand-in, who was murdered on direct orders from the Obama regime.

The reason you will never see bin Laden's stand-in's autopsy photos is because his head was deliberately blown off after he was dead, by a second SEAL who wanted in on the "kill" for profit, and to place on bin Laden's acting stand-in the "Mark of the Seal".
The Mark of the Seal is Canoeing, placing a gun's muzzle close to a human head, and using a high velocity bullet to split the skull open like a melon.

If there is a soul in you yet, you are aghast at this kind of sport and recoil in never being capable of this kind of activity. A trained professional Soldier could never react in such a way, but that is the problem with the Obama political minders, in they are not Soldiers, but "operators" and operators are above the law.

The following is the degradation of how the SEALS became what they were in the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, chest thumping like an operator that "he killed bin Laden", a murder which cheated every American out of hanging this terrorist and cheated every American family of 9 11 in seeing a picture of a corpse.
Iraqis got to see Saddam Hussein. Libyans got to see Khadaffi's anal raped, brain blown out corpse, but Americans were cheated by Barack Obama in witnessing a corpse, because there was a White House shoot to murder order from Brennan, and the SEALS blew the stand-in's face off deliberately for book royalties.

For some of Howard’s men, however, the hatchets soon became more than symbolic as they were used at times to hack dead fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Others used them to break doorknobs on raids or kill militants in hand-to-hand combat.

During the first deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan, it was common practice to take fingers, scalp, or skin from slain enemy combatants for identification purposes. One former SEAL Team 6 leader told me that he feared the practice would lead to members of the unit using the DNA samples as an excuse to mutilate and desecrate the dead. By 2007, when Howard and Red Squadron showed up with their hatchets in Iraq, internal reports of operators using the weapons to hack dead and dying militants were provided to both the commanding officer of SEAL Team 6 at that time, Capt. Scott Moore, and his deputy, Capt. Tim Szymanski.

This is the disconnect in political Washington and the Pentagon. Soldiers were harvesting tissue samples in apparently a vain attempt to find the corpse of Sheik bin Laden, which the CIA had DNA samples of. The same "samples" which Barack Obama announced a positive match on bin Laden's corpse several hours before testing could have ever been completed as the Lame Cherry exclusively reported.

“I mean, talk about the funny stuff we do. After I shot this dude in the head, there was a guy who had his feet, just his feet, sticking out of some little rut or something over here. I mean, he was dead, but people have got nerves. I shot him about 20 times in the legs, and every time you’d kick him, er, shoot him, he would kick up, you could see his body twitching and all that. It was like a game. Like, ‘hey look at this dude,’ and the guy would just twitch again. It was just good therapy. It was really good therapy for everybody who was there.”

Canoeing was just one of several acts of mutilation frequently carried out by SEALs. Two different sources said that over a six-year period — roughly 2005 through 2011 — battlefield reports and accounts of atrocities, particularly mutilations and taking of trophies, were ignored by SEAL Team 6 leadership. One source said his superiors repeatedly refused to address the issue.

This then was standard SEAL operations for 6 years. The political leadership produced a cover up, and the operators were engaging in mutilations in a command system out of control. The genesis of the bin Laden murder, in which a woman was murdered in that house by SEALS, began in Pakistan, in a joint CIA SEAL operation, which went out of control.

Late that year, the CIA joined operators from Gold Squadron for an operation near Jalalabad. According to a CIA officer with direct knowledge of the incident, the CIA requested that the SEALs capture, rather than kill, their militant targets. During the pre-dawn raid, a small team from Gold Squadron breached a compound that was home to an insurgent cell that had targeted a U.S. base. Inside, they found six militants, four in one room, all sleeping with weapons near their beds. Despite orders to detain the men, the SEALs killed all six. In the room with four of the suspected insurgents, four SEALs counted down and canoed each sleeping man with a shot to the forehead. One of their teammates killed the other two targets in another room. All six were photographed.

The CIA team on the operation was angry because they had lost an opportunity to interrogate the suspected militants. “These were guys who were running a cell near our base,” the CIA officer said. “We could’ve used the intel.” Outside the compound, the SEALs were quick to show the photos to others on the assault team. “They were smiling, almost gleeful,” he said. “Canoeing them was funny.”

What took place on the night of the bin Laden stand-in's murder, was that the SEALs entered the house, encountered one armed person, and began executing everyone. A "son" of bin Laden was shot on the second floor, and instead of following orders in securing the second floor, an operator ran up to the third floor to be the one to shoot bin Laden, who was standing unarmed in a bedroom doorway.
The operator shot one round into bin Laden's chest, and in a moving shot placed a round which glanced off of the actor's hip.
The operator stood in the doorway, but the actor was down bleeding out dead from the chest wound.

Two women on scene screamed, and it was said the operator was heroic in shielding the others from suicide bombers, which the women were not. The reality appears it was the operator did not want anyone else getting in on the kill.

That is where the canoeing event took place in another operator entered the bedroom, and shot the actor in the face and then placed the Mark of the SEAL trademark on the actor's forehead in canoeing the corpse.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were all aware of the above, and covered up this murderous slaughter they had ordered, in order to deflect from Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi's investigation into the Obama Birth Abstract, and the Obama wag the dog was successful.

Never forget the Barack Obama lies. Never forget the Obama chest thumping in "getting bin Laden", in knowing now the disgusting details of this mass murder and how it was a problem Bush policy which grew into a war crime policy under the Obama regime.

You remember that the reason no one has closure on 9 11 is because of Barack Hussein Obama. Remember the questions yet as to this was an actor portraying bin Laden as evidence points to, and remember that the Obama regime knew that their SEALS had a practice of blowing people's faces off.......and how that was convenient in the greatest conspiracy cover up since Lee Harvey Oswald, if the corpse had no face for experts to examine and state that this was not in any bin Laden, but a stand in for Obama political gain.

After the raid, the White House struggled to describe the exact circumstances of bin Laden’s death. First, bin Laden was armed, involved in a firefight, and using one of his wives as a human shield. Then officials took all three of those details back, though they maintained the al Qaeda leader posed a threat. Bissonnette’s book was the first eyewitness account, and it contradicted the Obama administration’s narrative.