Thursday, January 26, 2017

Night Sky

Little Fast Lights in the Sky which Dim to Dark

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TL and I on our night walks, often enough have witnessed most interesting lights, flying several times faster than normal aircraft, without running lights, silently, being capable of making some astonishing turns and winking out and appearing in new locations, further than anything which is considered "normal".

Of course there is not such a thing as "alien" spacecraft, but these are instead the engineered technology which America has developed.

What has been most interesting is this was one solitary light which moves at high speeds, usually south to north, and how it winks out. There is a technological reason for this as it is simply an aircraft swimming through the atmosphere by electrical impulse.
The light which one sees is not engine or exhaust, but plasma build up on the wings which "arcs" off the tail of the plane in a comforting glow.

The B 2 Bomber in fact is a forerunner of these aircraft which anyone can observe if you happen to be in a flight path. Understand that you do not need to be at Area 51 to see advanced craft. In fact, Area 51 is one of the last places to observe craft of this generation, as they are busy flying elsewhere where people rarely are bothering to look at the night sky.

If you
looked at the B-2 from the top, it looked like a boomerang, with straight,
sharp leading edges and a serrated trailing edge. Regular aircraft had two
wing  tips;  two  points  from  which  to  discharge  their natural buildup  of
static. But the B-2 was a flying wing. With its sawtooth back end, it had,
in effect, seven wing tips from which to discharge the continuous flow of
electricity from its  supposed  flame-jet generators.
At low altitude and low speed, the discharges would be difficult, if not
impossible to see with the naked eye. But at cruise altitude, with enough
plasma  buildup  around  its  leading  edges,  an  aircraft—particularly  a
supersonic  or  a  hypersonic  platform—would  glow  like  a  lightbulb.  It
would pulse.
"A  high-altitude  aircraft  that  crosses  the  night  sky  at  extremely  high
speed  .  .  .  observed  as  a  single,  bright  light—sometimes  pulsating—
flying  at  speeds  far  exceeding  other  aircraft  in  the  area,"  one  of  the
nighttime  eyewitness  observations  reported  in  the  October  1990  edition
of Aviation  Week.

This is an explanation of the type of craft which we routinely see and the reason we do not hear the aircraft. The interesting part is that Viktor Schauberger, the inventor of a great deal of this technology from Austria for the German SS, actually had a craft which swam through the atmosphere in being pulled, instead of pushed. The net result was it operated in a vacuum and no sonic booms would ever accompany it as it did not displace the sound barrier.

a third was a "high-altitude aircraft that crosses the night sky at
extremely high speed .  .  . observed as a single, bright light—sometimes
pulsating—flying  at  speeds  far  exceeding  other  aircraft  in  the  area."
Because the latter was always seen above 50,000 feet, where you wouldn't
routinely expect to hear engine noise,

 Many  of those  in  this  category  have  strange-sounding  code  names  like  Forest
Green,  Senior  Year,  Chalk  Eagle  or  Centennial.  Others  have  curiously
nondescript headings  such as  "special applications program"  or  "special
analysis activities."

The following is the infamous Aurora craft, which was a variant of the Kingfish aircraft. A most fantastic aircraft using conventional technology, and why it created airquakes and sounded as if it were tearing the atmosphere apart as it was moving so fast.
It is an "obsolete" aircraft when the generation available can produce greater speeds without the friction and the death of g force in being zero g capable.

From  mid-1991  until  the  mid-'90s,  the  U.S.  Geological  Survey,  the
agency  that  monitors  earthquake  activity,  revealed  that  an  unknown
aircraft,  with  sound  footprints  different  from  the  SR-71  or  the  Space
Shuttle,  was  causing  "airquakes"  as  it  crossed  the  California  coastline
from the Pacific,  heading inland for southern Nevada.  Couple this with
some fresh U.S.  eyewitness sightings after the North  Sea encounter of a
huge, arrow-shaped aircraft that left a weird, knotted contrail in its wake
and  made  a  noise  "like  the  sky  tearing  apart,"  and  a  recent  program  of
expansion at the Air Force's test site at Area 51  in southern Nevada,,0,-103