Thursday, January 5, 2017

Deciding Decisions

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We are hostage in a world of 2/3rds of the primates desire some son of a bitch pervert to make every decision for them and the other 1/3rd who maybe don't want a blessed car driving for them, because they want to make their own life and death decisions.

I have changed a great deal over the years, but I can never see myself getting into a metal bullet which travels at 80 mph, and if a sand chip burns out, will turn me into hamburger, as something I would ever choose.
God forbid I ever grease spot, I want it to be me, and not some motherboard that some company buying Chinese electronics for profit margins, that makes me that grease spot.

I have always had confidence that what I decide is right, and no one else is going to make a better decision. I will have things my way as I have been around too many dumb asses who fuck things up. People always got their fingers on some alarm clock in the hospital setting it off for 5 AM when I had it set or people always got their "I don't know" in not making decisions and knowing it all after the decision. I will just make that decision and I am content with it as it is mine, on whether it works out or not. If it doesn't work out, then I got Jesus in Heaven, so not much sense grousing about it.

The living is the hard part, the dying is the easy part. Once you get to death, it just happens. It is the struggle to fight off death that is the thing that is hard.

I never have understood people who want someone to decide things or relinquish their responsibility to things. That cow that died, she didn't die here. The she vet was rolling around in rotten calf, mentioned that things would not turn out good, and when she was standing around, I got the message and said, "Well should I put her down", and in a beat she said I should.
She didn't want to make the decision as people piss and whine about things like that, but hell when you can stop suffering, you do it. She gave her a narcotic to put her out, and I put a 22 bullet into the cows head.
Yeah it was sad and still bothers me, as I can see her having her first calf, not 30 yards from where I shot her, but you draw the X on the forehead, across the eyes, and angle your bullet up to the top of the head at about 20 degrees and you end misery.
The more I experience life, the more I realize the old ranchers had it right. You can't save things and the best and cheapest is to put a bullet into an animal to end it all for them.
I do believe that animals that are around Spiritual Christians, have imparted to them the Spirit of God and become transformed like people do. They don't end, but continue on.

I had better stop procrastinating as being out of gear for a week, and being 10 years burned out in doing too much, it is hard to kick things back into gear, as it is a different world to generate the things God Wills.
Just is the same thing in being on point as it makes no difference if Hamrod stole the election in being a target, or with Mr. Trump as President, as I get popular when I protect him, in revealing the impeachment conspiracies against him. You can just see by  the Mike Pence poses in the media, that he is being promoted by the enemies of America, to be President.

Time to plug in and see what the matrix desires to have a conversation about.

And no I do not ever want a damned vehicle doing the driving for me.