Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Mentally Unfit John MCain and Lindsey Graham

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is really sad that the confinement and torture of Vietnamese communist confidant John McCain has finally broken the Arizona Senator, in experiencing delusions, where he has become psychotic over Russia in everything which occurs is blamed on Russia.



Former CIA director Woolsey quits transition team...

This is a sad thing in the burden of being a traitor and collaborator with America's enemies, have finally broken this old man's mind, and it is time that a medical intervention takes place.

It is time for a court ordered mental assessment of John McCain, as he is in need of a psychiatric evaluation as Mr. McCain can not differentiate between evidence and fantasy on Russian hacking.

As this progresses, the McCain effect has affected Lindsey Graham as Graham exhibited a very bizarre manifestation today citing foreign policy, where Graham insisted that Barack Obama was throwing pebbles at Russia and that Lindsey Graham wanted to throw rocks as part of diplomatic policy or war making, and it appears some type of psychotic infection as an Obama intelligence official named Clapper or something agreed that he wanted to throw rocks at Russia too, as throwing pebbles was wrong, and he too was agreeing with the delusional McCain that when confronted with evidence that there was not any Russian hacking, that it was espionage of some kind and that was worthy of throwing soil at Russia.

In the above display in Senate conference, McCain and Graham have exhibited that they are mentally unbalanced. Senator McCain's condition is no doubt linked to betraying America, but Graham must be suffering some kind of trans sexual trauma in having been McCain's Senate wife for years, and the stress has affected his perceptions, with the rants about rocks and pebbles endangering the public.

For the safety of the world, it is time to confine John McCain and Lindsey Graham to a mental facility or facilities, or perhaps give each of them a rock, a plane trip to Moscow and allow President Putin's security staff deal with these two oddfellows the Russian way.