Thursday, January 5, 2017

image Obama Terror Points

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President Donald Trump must order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the current High Crimes against America, in the deliberate actions of image Birther Hussein Obama.

As all have now caught up to what the Lame Cherry stated on Day One that the actions of image Obama were to delegitimize the President, it is time to educate you on the reason for specific policy.

As you look at image Obama and Obamacare as the smokescreen, the real screed is in example in these two areas.

1. Obama places US Special Forces on the Russian border. This is not to antagonize Russia as Russia knows completely certain that President Trump is trustworthy. What this image Obama action is designed to do, is to destabilize President Trump's leadership in NATO and to make the Russian border states of Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia and Estonia doubt United States support.
This is a ruse to drive a wedge into eastern NATO and blame Mr. Trump for "pulling out US forces".

Point A in this, you notice that after traitors Klobacher, McCain and Graham appeared in this area, that image Obama followed up with this dangerous action, which is a Catch 22 to make the US look weak when Mr. Trump pulls back these unnecessary deployments and make Mr. Trump untrustworthy to Russia if he does not remove them.

This is tampering with the security of the United States, but all of Europe, in causing a diplomatic riff, for the absolute treacherous reason of politics to foment trouble between America and her allies and Russia.
This is a crime by image Obama in not protecting America, but fostering a dangerous unbalance of relations in Europe.

2. The seizure of the Bundy Ranch by the Obama regime is an event which is designed to drive a wedge between President Trump and Americans. If Mr. Trump revokes this Obama land grab, then it will create the image for the propaganda of Trump sides with criminals and American supremacists. If Mr. Trump does nothing, then the situation alienates the Westerners who voted for Mr. Trump.

Again this is a criminal action by image Obama, because it is deliberately designed to foment unrest in America, where Americans will be harmed and killed by reinforcing the Obama police state against the America Patriots.

For this reason, the Attorney General must open a Grand Jury investigation on these criminal actions of image Obama, because the occupant of the White House swears an oath to protect and defend the United States. The image has violated this in destroying foreign relations and agitating in domestic relations.

As an example, if you hate Poles, you can not go into German, walk the border and start pointing guns at Poles, or you as a citizen are going to be arrested for endangering the public.
The same issue is true in if you want your neighbor's house, you can not run them off by inciting violence, and then seizing their property, as the end result is numbers of people are going to be hurt and killed.

America has had two major range wars as examples in the Tombstone "cowboys" of Curly Bill against the Citizens of the United States and Mexico, which was finally put down by Wyatt Earp after his brother was murdered, and the infamous Lincoln County Wars in which Billy the Kidd and Pat Garrett were at odds against each other.
These were outlaws against the law abiding, and it required strong courts and law enforcement going to the very top branches of power to deal with ending this criminal endangerment of Americans.

image Obama is no longer simply delegitimizing President Donald Trump, but is now engaged in a conspiracy of Crimes against the People of the United States and Europe in inciting dissension which could lead to Civil War in America and Nuclear War in Russia.

Each of us has to understand that image Obama has calculated this with Val-erie Jarrett in their community organized terrorism, not to start wars, but to cripple Populism around the world by creating fractures in the political trust. Those are the actions which are traditionally initiated by American enemies, not by occupants of 1600 Penn Avenue.
For that reason, image Obama must be investigated and indicted, which image Obama has weighed for itself in order create another murderous outburst by Black Lives Matter which will be sent to riot to "protect" image Obama.

This is Obama terrorism and it is deliberate. It is a reality that all of us must be educated on, as there is a faction in America which seeks to impeach President Trump in framing him, and there is  the image Obama faction which is seeking to rip political alliances apart which is a crime against all of us.

It is a matter now that the work of Sheriff Joe Arpiao be expanded upon in the Birther issue, and other measures to deal with the Obama community image for the following step of indicting Obama for Crimes against Humanity.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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