Sunday, January 29, 2017

Unlucky Obama Roulette

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So another fatality has appeared in flying too close to the Hillary Clinton and her reflection of image Obama in the "source" inside the Kremlin who provided the raw data for MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who is now in hiding...........was discovered dead in the back of his car.

Oleg Erovinkin, who served as a general in the KGB, was found dead on Boxing Day in the back of his black Lexus in Moscow

It was Oleg Erovinkin who apparently was the chief recipient of London's MI6 payouts for information to stage a coup on Vladimir Putin. In knowing the raw data file the FSB kept on businessman Donald Trump, was embellished and only could have come from someone with access to the former Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who had this dossier produced, the end result is Russian Intelligence executed a traitor working for MI6........... a group intent on undermining President Putin and President Trump.

Igor Sechin and Russian President Vladimir Putin pictured attending a meeting on January 25

(Did I not warn you that Theresa May was not to be trusted with her hand holding of President Trump, in she got her deal, and went back to London smearing the President on National Security issues of the invasion of America by terrorists?
Did I not tell you that May was put up as PM by Charlie and Liz, as the British royals would not agree to Boris or Nigel?
Of course I did, and now Russia is rightly removing these intelligence assets trying to start World War III.)

Christopher Steele pictured with a female companion believed to be his second wife Katharine

So the Lexus driving, wealthy MI6 asset is dead, and Christopher Steele is in hiding.

It makes one ponder who will be next in this Russian hacking to have the final solution dispensed.

The burning of numbers of Russian assets and British assets for this ridiculous operation, should be a warning to all those involved.

If the bodies start appearing in the back of British and American cars, we will know another form of justice is being dispensed.