Monday, January 2, 2017

The anti Christian Genocide

US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, US senators Amy Klobuchar, John McCain, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko and US senator Lindsey Graham (left to right at center) pose for a photograph with Ukrainian servicemen.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

They called it heaven, but it looked like hell. They said it was good, but it was all bad. I knew it was evil, but still it remained, and still, in the quiet, they called evil a virtue.

- Lame Cherry 

It is easy to write these things when leftist Webster Griffin Tarpley refused to content himself with all he knew, but had to be validated in telling all he witnessed.

Amy Klobacher of Minnesota, Democrat. John McCain of Arizona Republican. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Republican. Once upon a time when Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was the Democrat, he was the 3rd amigo with a penis, and now Klobacher has the cock.

These three made a holiday of it, not to the Nativity, not to the Church, not to Christmas, but to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Georgia, to pledge incinerated American bodies in nuclear blasts from Russian nuclear weapons from New York to Los Angeles, in their defense.
While President is not in front of Klobacher, McCain and Graham, they are illegally making US foreign policy, antagonizing Moscow, and setting up nuclear conflict between Putin and Trump, against the American People's Will.

In all things, there must be a connection to make sense of that which is, for we see what is, but not what is behind the scenes controlling the actions of Klobacher now replacing Lieberman, along with McCain and Graham.

We now return to the brain of Webster Griffin Tarpley, but first name the common denominator of all of this is named Brzezinski, in Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose three noted offspring are Mika on CNBC, Mark of the Obama regime, Ian of the Bush regime, and Ian of directing all John McCain foreign policy in McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.
One fanatical obsessed Polish hater of Russia, and two sons who are fanatical haters of Russia.

Hmmm, Ukraine as the NATO springboard to destroy Russia and grab her oil, and Syria as the Muslim terror springboard to destroy Russia to grab her oil, and both coming from Obama and McCain, and one is Nazi's Ukraine and the other is ISIS terrorist oil merchants in the Mideast, all working toward the same end of ending Russia, and returning Poland to rule over east Europe as in the good olde medieval days.

Let's have some links, as the brats always demand proof except from their Mockingbird sources.

Ian Joseph Brzezinski (born 1963) is an American foreign policy and military affairs expert.
He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy in 2001–2005, under President George W. Bush.

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski Appointed Executive Director of ...

I am pleased to announce that Ambassador Mark Brzezinski has been appointed to serve as Executive Director of the U.S. Government's Arctic Executive Steering ...

Arctic steering committee.......oh my another story, but same story in stealing American oil from Americans in the last Obama land grab, all to make you poor like the rest of the wretches in the feudal world of the cartel.

I digress.

Let's have the Webster Griffin Tarpley quote, as the rules are if someone will not shut up about things, then those  things can be discussed.

Let us just for second look at the war aspect if we can. Brzezinsky is known for one thing: He hates Russia. He is a passionate, fanatical hater of Russia. The same goes for his son Mark and he has got another son Ian Brzezinsky who is currently a top official in the Pentagon, and Ian Brzezinsky runs John McCain's foreign policy and writes a lot of McCain's foreign policy material. So, interestingly enough, if you don't want a Brzezinsky dynasty, you'd better support Mrs. Clinton. She is the only way you escape having Brzezinsky in the background running the show through one or more of his two sons.
Brzezinsky's hatred of Russia is now this: Brzezinsky looks at the neocons and he says to the neocons: ‘You bunglers'. Brzezinsky and Samuel Huntington, his right hand man, says: ‘We gave you the clash of civilizations as an idea' and he says: ‘What you should have done is to play these different countries one against the other. The essence of imperialism is you don't attack Iraq , you play Iran against Iraq. You don't attack Venezuela , you play Colombia against Venezuela. You don't attack Somalia, you play Ethiopia against Somalia'. ‘And ultimately you don't attack Russia ' he says, ‘You play China against Russia , or some variation of that'. So the strategy that Brzezinsky has is to say first of all: ‘There should be no attack on Iran. There should rather be an effort to turn Iran against the Russians'. And this is realistic, bas ed on the fact that there is a large degree of anti-Russian resentment in the Iranian population. He would also say: ‘You can probably turn Syria against Russia at the same time'.
But now the heart of Brzezinsky strategy is this. Brzezinsky looks at China. And he says: ‘China can be manipulated through their raw material and oil dependency on Africa, and in particular Sudan. We know that now Sudan is supplying 7, 8% maybe of China 's oil needs, petroleum, in general. Brzezinsky would say: ‘What you have to do first of all is kick the Chinese out of Africa. That is why Bush went to Africa, that is why the U.S, is creating a new Africom, U.S. African command, probably in Ethiopia. That is why you have Al Qaeda in Algeria, Tunesia and Morocco to help this destabilization. You've got the campaign against Mugabe. You got a quasi civil war in Kenya , you've got destabilization in Chad, and most of all you've got this attempted coup now. In the last couple of days there was an attempted bloody coup in Khartoum , Sudan , undoubtedly piloted by these Brzezinsky forces.
So the first step of this is to use Obama as the facelift of U.S. imperialism; a new face for U.S. imperialism in Africa specifically, to kick out the Chinese. At the same time you've got a campaign to dest roy Pakistan as a state, as a nation. And that is being done through bombing now, demanded by Obama, and now going on; a bombing of so-called Al Qaeda bas es in northern Pakistan. It is a very interesting story.

Now you understand the maze, use proxies to attack others, and maybe those David John Oates reversals on Jeb Bush and Barack Obama start making some sense, in their talking about Europe being scorched, as if the Bush and Obama owners were planning a war in which parts of Europe would be sacrificed for some greater chess board gambit.
Perhaps someone wants Russian raw resources as the booty after some war, and the cleansing of Europe of certain undesirables (Slavs) and perhaps those pesky contenders like Germany, Italy, France and England would be singed enough so only a handful of elite with robotic servants would rule the tumor surviving mortals......but let's visit the brain one more time first.

With Obama, if you look at what his program is going to be, we only have to look Zbigniew Brzezinski's writings on this stuff. When Carter came in, he came in as the candidate of the Trilateral Commission; of David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Volcker. He turned American foreign policy over to Zbigniew Brzezinski, who then did things like start the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan . Brzezinski systematically provoked it and boasts in his memoirs of having provoked it. Brzezinski also started the Iraq – Iran war, with probably a million and a half dead. So Brzezinski is up there at about three, four, five million dead, just based on what he did in the Carter administration. The other side of it, equally destructive in some ways, Paul Volcker, the Trilateral member who was placed by Carter at the Federal Reserve, raised the interest rate to 22% prime rate, which meant 25 to 30% for many people. That systematically destroyed the industrial infrastructure and fabric of the United States .

And now there are 500,000 dead Syrians added to the body count, but let us not get lost in the small numbers as John McCain, Amy Klobacher and Lindsey Graham by the Brzezinski catalyst are auditioning for ....let us just be conservative in 200 million dead Europeans and 200 million dead Russians.....the Americans come later as China does have a purpose in this in cannibals eating America and vice versa....and let us not forget those Indians as they need some cropping too in the India China duel.

This now explains the rudimentary functioning of what America is being shoved into, in the pieces and the hands moving the pieces, as this has nothing to do with pledges of fidelity to Slavs, but instead is utilizing Slavs as trip wires to start a nuclear war with Russia.

It is not as if we need to dot T's and cross I's in details, as rape, murder, genocide, crimes against humanity are situations which are apparent. What is the reality for President Donald Trump and the American People, is that shadow masters are moving their shadow puppets to foment a horrific war with Russia, which is not something Americans voted for on November 9th.
If you attempted to begin a genocide, say like Hitler, because he lost the war, you and your cronies would be hung, if you did not fake your own death. The point in this is, that it would be a wonderful idea for President Donald Trump to direct the NSA, CIA and Homeland, to hand over all files relating to the activities of John McCain to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for Grand Jury investigations into these crimes against humanity, for indictment, arrest, trial and appropriate sentence in Nuremberg rules.

It is a reality, that either these criminals are stopped or there is a war coming in which the genocide of nations and peoples will occur in the next few years. Odd are as Mockingbird keeps placing lurking Mike Pence into all President Trump photos, that the chosen finger for the nuclear red button is Mike Pence as President.

U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Heidi Heitkamp have honored Cindy McCain for her work fighting human trafficking.
McCain, wife of U.S. Sen. John McCain, was presented with the Anne Frank Special Recognition Award by the Anne Frank House Amsterdam for her work to raise awareness and educate the public on human trafficking. Klobuchar and Heitkamp have worked with McCain to combat human trafficking.

Strange bedfellows of incest, and there is little Anne in fiction, which history has just proven that she was not hunted for being a Jew, but was discovered by the Germans in a house counterfeiting ration cards.
It all connects though in the elite do not like the competition for innocent lives to molest and have been busy ridding the world of the non members of the cartel pedophile rings.

That though is another story, and this is not about sex, but genocide and those in violation of United State's Law in usurping Presidential authority, in being in eastern Europe, trying to start genocidal wars.

This must be addressed President Trump immediately and public awareness of this must be focused on John McCain and his consorts, and that shadow master behind all of this.

There was not any Russian hacking. The DNC was a Democrat Sander's miscreant. Vermont's powergrid hacking was a damned lie by the Washington Post, and still McCain and Graham, as is the Obama regime are spreading that lie, to make war with Russia.

The criminals behind this simply have weighed Europe against Russia, for Russian resources, and balanced 400 million dead are an acceptable price. That is what is behind all of this. It is disgusting and immoral.
The Christian East and West must be protected from this anti Christian genocide.