Thursday, January 5, 2017

When did the White House go Obama Grey?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The correspondent from CNN called Michelle Kosinski, apparently posted the above photo of the Obama's being evicted from the White House. Thing is what I seemed to notice is the van is white, but why after 8 years of Obama does it look like a pig pen, as that White House is not white

Here as a refresher before rainbow Obama appeared is the color of the White House.

Sure the White House was not as white as the pure driven snow, but it sure was not Obama pig pen soiled colored.
We once had Indians in our reservation who had this nigger green house, built by the government, and that damned thing was so dirty form the inside, it had dirt waves washed down the siding. That thing made you want to take a bath, sort of like the above Obama moving soiled White House photo.

So we got the Obama shade of soiled white, the White House white, the moving van white and the snow white.

Ok with that taken care of, we got this Pollack chic at CNN. More on the White House later, but look at the tease this teaser is.

Michelle KosinskiVerified account


Travel savorer. Mango devourer. Occasional drummer. Oh yes and very much honored to cover the White House for CNN.

Did you friggin' catch that tuna sister? Look at the twat tease or whatever she likes teasing, in she got the ER going on in everything she does, SavorER, devourER and drummER. I mean frickin' hey charlie chan man, this is like the Twitter tweetfest putting it out there as the sultriest siren sexy ever to appear two legs on television.
I mean this is like look down my skirt and peek up my blouse in she got that oral thing going on, that bangin' on the bongo thing going on, and we all know what mangoes mean as a Jew told us in Larry David.

The Mango - Wikipedia

The Mango" Seinfeld episode: Episode no. Season 5 Episode 1: Directed by: ... George tastes one of Kramer's mangoes, which makes an erotic transformation ...

Jason something who was on Seinfeld, could not get the starch in his pecker, and all it took was a slice of mango and he turned into fucking tyrannosaurus rex with Jesse Ventura size king kong balls. He was the love machine that wore pussies dry.

Apparently she advertises, and by strange coincidence she is whiter than Obama soiled white. Not snow white mind you, but she comes close to White House white. Must be her paint as the White House doesn't tan well either.......just gets Obama dirty from the inside out.

So sister, we got mangoes, white on White House and white meat on a Pollack Got the sex without the fish smell or that whatever smell the White House wiffs like as the Obama's been there.
You do know black folks smell different right, in you can smell them.

I digress.

Because what I am thinking about is the mango gal, in like what in the fruit is CNN not paying Passion Fruit there 25 million dollars as NBC signed Megyn Kelly for that or something. I mean who pays that dyke bitch 25 million when the Pole is on the block talking sex fruit?

I mean just compare Megs with Passion Fruity. You would pay to watch KoSINski to suck on banana interviews, but Kelly you would have nightmares worried she was going to bite your clit off.
That is what was always bogus about Roger Ahles coming onto Megs. Hell, any man's balls suck up to his diaphragm as they would be terrified she would bite them off and fang suck the blood out of your dick just for fun.

I digress.

Thing is in a poll that asked the following:


Except for the fag boys who want a butch like Hillary Clinton doing the Sado stuff, who get off on Megyn Kelly cockolding them, you know Kosinki would be like 95% wanting to see her doing things to her peach over Megyn Kelly doing things to her Elberta.

Thing is with all this flora talk, apparently the the Obama presence is killing off the Poinsettias and Peach Flavor is feeling sad at being deflowered in the dirty Obama White House.

In the West Wing, General mood here.

I suppose being deflowered in the White House under the Obama's soiling does make your things droop. Am sorry about things not being perky for some reporters, but that big ass Muchelle Obama has, probably caused some gravity vortex that has been pulling them bra straps and thong straps down.

It is ok though with all the Trump women around, no one really cares what these hosebag reporters are sagging to anyway, so there is always a bright side to all of this.

I do wonder though if there is some special service to wash the Obama off the White House. Would seem expensive though like all of this is, in 20 trillion Obama debt, then Obama's flew the wings off two Air Force One jets, and now the high pressure wash to make the White House white again.

I just hope whatever is coating the White House is not toxic, as there must be tons of it to be disposed of.

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