Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It is Time to Limit Ex President Welfare Perks

First day of the rest of his life: The former president was pictured in his armored Secret Service SUV as he left a country club gym where he had worked out before heading to the course

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had hoped that the necessity of writing anything about image Obama would cease with his being fired from Washington DC, but seeing the immediate welfare pimp that image Obama is, requires a call that the United States People cut off the perks these ex occupants of the White House have.

When one considers that Joe and Jill Biden, took a train home to Delaware costing taxpayers a few hundred dollars as a fine example of how one expects a Vice President to act, there is in comparison the continued debauchery of image Obama, in flying across the country in a US Air Force jet, costing a fortune, taking all his homosexual bunk mates with him, to their 8 GARAGE MILLION DOLLAR PALM SPRINGS MANSION, as just more Obama 20 trillion dollar robbery of the American People.

Flower power: Bougainvillea flowers and vines cover the eight-car garage at the Palm Springs home (above)

The green rape of this mansion sucking water from the environment to grow flowers in the desert is an ecological carbon foot print disaster!!!

It is ridiculous in image Obama and the wife are multi millionaires, and in addition to this, they are charging taxpayers a fortune to put up the Obama wall in DC in the high cost rental mansion there.

Entourage: As a former president, Obama will receive Secret Service protection for the rest of his life 

It becomes worse in somewhere in this, image Obama has a government "beast" or security vehicle assigned  to him for life, which is costing a fortune, and there is apparently a fleet of Secret Service with their own vehicles driving recklessly across America as image Obama goes golfing as 8 years of vacation requires a vacation.

In the 1970's Richard Nixon in a series of  "moves and apartment remodeling" almost ended the taxpayer welfare for these occupants of the Oval Office, but considering what image Obama has looted from America, it is time to cease this extravagance.

Seriously, Bill and Hillary Clinton do not have this type of security in their New York home. Hell, Hillary Clinton did not have this much security in her 2016 campaign for President.

Jimmy Carter, HW Bush and W Bush do not have this kind of fleet of security costing a fortune to go play golf and that is the reality in how once again Obama has upped the debt.

Do not think though that this ends with Presidents, as apparently "First Ladies" and that includes Lurch Obama is getting paid for being in the White House, FOR LIFE. Nancy Reagan actually waved that welfare payment in not accepting it.........the others have not.

I do not condone the following swindling which this ex President lot has engaged in, as it was an issue with liberals in looking at George W. Bush spending money on stamps like a crack whore.

Figures as of 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.

$3.67 million
Total amount spent in 2012 on former presidents and their widows
$3.87 million
Total amount spent in 2011 (adjusted for inflation)
$4.17 million
Total amount spent in 2003, the peak year (adjusted for inflation), when Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were all alive and drawing pensions — plus Lyndon Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson
Annual pension each ex-president receives, plus more for the first post–White House years
$1.32 million
Allowance paid to George W. Bush in 2012
Bush's telephone bill
Bush's postage and printing tab
Rent for Bush's Dallas office
Allowance paid to Bill Clinton in 2012
Rent for Clinton's New York City office
Allowance paid to George H.W. Bush in 2012
Bush Sr.'s travel budget
Allowance paid to Jimmy Carter in 2012
Rent for Carter's office space
Health benefits drawn by Carter and Bush Sr. in 2012 (Carter is ineligible; Bush declined)
Allowance paid to Nancy Reagan in 2012, for postage. She waived her $20,000 pension
$52.3 million
Total amount spent on all former presidents and their spouses from 1998 through 2012 (adjusted for inflation)

This ilk are all multi millionaires, but they do not hold a candle to what Obama has looted. I had thought that fat ass Muchelle would have to go get her own donut for her 3 AM feeding, but now I am beginning to wonder after witnessing image Obama has its own chauffeur which is taxpayer funded, I expect they all have some kind of fag energizer bunny like Bill Clinton.

In this reality, it is time to cut off everything from these former occupants of 1600 Penn Avenue. Put them all into some military base if they need security and a roof over their heads, allow one Secret Service agent if they attend a national public function like a funeral for a head of state, otherwise this welfare for these millionaire scoundrels ends.
Put them into something like Gitmo, in a normal officer's quarters and that is it.

What the hell is going to appear next? image Obama with his own sovereign district where it can be King Obama?

Let us not wait for the District of Obama, as there is another solution for these damned embezzlers, and that is, it cost 65,000 dollars a year to keep criminals in prison. Put them all in prison as Obama made enough pardon space in releasing dopers, that America can keep them safe there.

I will bet given that public protection, that suddenly image Obama would lose the need for limos and W Bush would lose the need for a 85,000 dollar phone bill.

President Donald Trump was hired by Americans for 1 dollar a year. It will cost us 8 dollars for the next 8 years, and absolutely nothing after that for President Trump or First Lady Melania. If the Trump's can do it for 8 dollars, then sure as hell has demons, image Obama can do it for 8 dollars or a secure prison cell.