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This is about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction, which the propaganda has now convinced even President Donald Trump to the fakery, and yet there is an example in a World War, of absolute American domination, that not only the most recognized face in the world in Adolf Hitler was able to fake his own death, but that his Luftwaffe was airlifting tons of freight onto America's doorsteps, in an operation named Kommando.


According  to  some  estimates,  Witkowski  said,  the  air  bridge  established  by  the
Kommando's  southern  command  between  the  Reich's
remaining  occupied  territories  and  neutral,  but  Axis-sympathetic  Spain
managed  to evacuate  12,000 tons  of high-tech equipment and documen-
tation in the final months of the war using any commandeered Luftwaffe
transport it could lay its hands on.

The Germans Nazi actually had several intercontinental bombers. One actually flew to a few miles of New York during the war, without escort. There is a most interesting exchange during the last months of the war which took place, and reveals the absolute power center around Martin Bormann, Hitler's Chief of Staff.

As the allied bombing took its toll on Albert Speer's above ground production and the starvation of the concentrated labor camps, giving the world the images of the holocaust, another person had stepped forward to bring his dream of a self funding shadow super state in the SS, in Heinrich Himmler.
Himmler shifted production to bunker factories and forced labor. His choice was the brilliant Hans Klammer to oversee this project and in months Klammer had the entire German industry running at full production and the allies were stunned to discover upon entering Germany, all of these underground factories in operation.

As the betrayal of Germany took place and Adolf Hitler, deals were sought by the German staff for evacuation. Literally Martin Bormann purchased his and Adolf Hitler's freedom in handing over the German uranium production and her top nuclear scientists to the Americans.
The Americans in Oppenheimer had not yet solved the trigger mechanism for the atomic bomb in July of 1945, and only had enough uranium for one bomb. Enter Bormann, who handed over weapon's grade uranium and Nazi specialists, who solved the trigger detonation problem, and America bombed Hiroshima, and with German uranium ended the war in bombing Nagasaki.
This was all part of Operation Kommando.

Germany's Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK) | SpecialOperations.com

Kommando Spezialkrafte (Special Forces Command, or KSK) is a Special Operations unit of German soldiers handpicked from the Bundeswehr (Army) to conduct mi

Kommando had several manifestations in the Marine division, Werewolf in special operations and Sonderkommando which were Jewish inmates who oversaw the crematoriums.

Kommando had aircraft and at one point as Himmler was planning his escape, he contacted Kammler for a truck to serve his purposes. The memo was top secret, in the truck was not a truck but how the Germans referred to their intercontinental bombers.
The unique part in this, is the most dangerous man in Germany gave a direct order to his subordinate in Kammler, and Kammler turned him down without blinking an eye.

That is the power of Martin Bormann in the closing days of the war in Kammler was working for him, and in direct contact Adolf Hitler for the continuation of the 1000 year Reich that just about every aided in from Moscow, to Madrid, to Argentina to America, with the Red Cross providing cover in Operation Paperclip, the evacuation of the German heirarchy to the West where the German SS built NASA to the CIA.

So if you consider this, that tens of thousands of German Nazi's appeared in the West with full knowledge of the American authorities and this story never leaked out, no more than the atomic bomb or Operation Paperclip, as Operation Kommado was airlifting tons of material to Argentina in Patagonia, it is not that difficult to understand that the Europeans, Russians and Americans who made Saddam  Hussein, in nuclear power, chemical and biological weapons, would all officially be part of the cover up of Iraq's WMD's as after 9 11, it was a bit volatile to have information coming out that the French for example had refined tons of Niger Yellow Cake for Saddam, and that the Americans evacuated it all to White Sands in New Mexico.

As the decades progress, the facts about what really took place in Iraq will come to light, just as the German story came to light a generation later. When there is gold, money, resources and people's necks on the line, those in power never allow the Truth to appear until long after in no one caring.

One final note in this is, the reason the British did not benefit from German technology was due to the fact that the Americans and British both had scientific chase teams as did Russia. The Americans and Russians confiscated the German technology, but the British stood around refusing to believe the Germans were that much more advanced than the Brits, so the British collected almost no advanced technology.

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