Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Journey to Tomorrow

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank people for their kindness in my off the grid status. There have been a few questions and helps and I am going to try and post on them, but is hard as my cursor has disappeared, but of course this is some Russian hacker and not Homeland or a Sub Operational interested in what has been posted here again.

First, I have been looking at generators, and going slow as the money situation is the money situation. If I play the odds of storms, we had our big one, and now I should have time to glean some knowledge. I have been picking the brains of people who have generators and researching online. Most have gas powered, but I think about waiting for a diesel which is expensive. The plot here I think is I would put it in Mom's cellar, and vent the exhaust out and use a breather tube to feed air to it, so we would not suffocate. (No garage)
Thousands of dollars so that is a "when if" thing, but I have been revisiting a project I was interested in, but not having any time in the Stubblefield Earth Battery. I know I can make the thing generate, and that is not the problem. What I am curious about is the blurbs of his last days in the hill side seemed to have light coming from it, and he had polished curved metal plates which were heating his home.
I "think" by Holy Ghost Inspiration, that his wet battery were tree roots for the hill light and I "think" the radiant panels were earth energy being transformed into radio waves, as he did do research on this subject and accomplished it. Somehow he got the oscillation to create friction in the polished metal bouncing off each other.
It comes to the point though of amplifying the current which is what Stubblefields solenoid was about I believe. It is all Tesla type technology and I know I could iron it out in a few years if I had time and resources, but too large the battle in trying to guard  Mr. President's flanks and not becoming too popular in exposing the impeachment scenarios............reminds me I have to fill in the gaps on that in a post hopefully for tomorrow.

As for winged demons, I inquired and it said it was a photoshop. I do not know if we see things different, but the dark energy we see have been two types. One looks like a fuzzy bumblebee thing that moves in straight lines about the size of a quail egg and the other looked like a six foot black plastic tarp being whipped in the wind through the trees.
I always thought Sleepy Hollow stuff was hysterics, as things always freak people out in walking alone at night, but this stuff looks just like it is described. I do not care to see demons, so do not look for them. Have enough creepy people around that I would appreciate they vanished.

Thinking, oh yes, the other thing about the generator suggestion, I was wondering if that Flagstaff was a model with experience. I will do research on it......................come to think of it, I was going to build an alternator thing too which are in the wet prints in my brain.

Lastly, I post so much stuff Inspired that sometimes Memory Alpha forgets what I was writing about, as in this correspondence.
Reading the 3 parts of the wisdom of the whole universe, and finding the
constellations fascinating since I was old enough to see them in the
sky, reading your last sentence had my mushroom brain confounded.  "The
three parts. The body, the soul the Spirit...........the Tree of
Life...........the False tree of life.

The electro chemical reaction, everyone born under their star, the final
transformation. The trinity of that which was not, to that which is, to
that which will be, by the One Who Always Is."

I know who is the One Who Always is. I understand body, soul and spirit.
Are you saying we were created as the Tree of Life and others are
playing Chem101 to create the false one?

I also get that at one point I was not (on earth), then I was on a
certain date. So what is the "which will be?" If I'm here, now, is
"which will be" the afterlife? As each person is born under their own
star, how does that effect that which will be--if one follows the the
Heavenly Father and doesn't mess with alchemy? How would I find out what
I *am* under the star I was born under?  Would knowing change "that
which will be?"

What I was talking to myself about, was in the three phases of Hermeticism, a wet energy, in chemicals, star and Spirit energies, is a mirror of the Body, Soul and Spirit and the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, transforming humans from physical to Spiritual. Interesting in it is three phases or parts, and yet the part is life and death, or Tree of Life or False Tree in two. A combination of 5 as in the pentagram, a part of the Tree of Life.
There are those who have created the False Tree and initiated it for the immortals.

You are as a Christian, someone who was, is and will be. You are this from conversion to God. The what will be is the Life in Christ.

People are born under stars, energies of this world do affect people. There is though your will, and your overcoming things in Christ as Christ overcame the world. It is an excuse to say, "I was born under a star that says I am moody or flippant." Everyone has their things to overcome. Discipline yourself and grow in the Light of Christ, and then in Joy one is not moody and in discipline one is not flippant.
We are not born to the stars. They affect us, but we in Christ effect our outcome in Him.

All people are born under a cosmic star. All Christians are reborn under Thee Bright and Morning Star of Christ. Reflecting a cosmic star which burns out, means death. Reflection and being like Christ in frequency, brings eternal Life.

Knowing changes all things. It no longer allows for the ignorance of sin, for then sin is known. Knowing requires discipline so we do not become like Solomon in abandoning Proverbs to the earthly Ecclesiastics or foolishness human reasoning.
You know the Way, the Truth and the Life to come to the Father through Christ. This is thee only anchor point. The remainder is the discovery of knowledge to nauseate the mind as it whirls through the intellect and in that storm is harnessed by the Holy Ghost to understand the secrets of the hidden knowledge and sacred geometry which are revelations to the attributes of God.

I am on journey to tomorrow now.