Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Obama Awarded Medal For Being A Birther

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Well it pretty well settles things in Secretary of Defense Ash Carter today awarded image Obama the Distinguished Public Service Medal for being a foreigner as that seems to be the only qualifications that Obama was qualified to receive this medal.

The president was also honored at a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, a short drive from the White House.
Addressing a room of men and women from the various branches of the military, Obama praised their service and sacrifice. He said there is "no greater privilege and no greater honor" than serving as commander in chief.
"As I reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you," Obama said. "We must never hesitate to act when necessary to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war because sending you into harm's way should be a last and not first resort."
Prior to his remarks, Defense Secretary Ash Carter presented Obama with the Medal of Distinguished Public Service as a token of appreciation for his service as commander in chief.

As you can read from the mandatory qualifications of patriotism, good citizenship and public responsibility, image Obama has failed at all of those virtues, so we have to search for why Ash Carter actually awarded Obama this medal, as unlike the Nobel Prize, you just can't get this for showing up and being a Nig.

The service or assistance may have been rendered at considerable personal sacrifice and inconvenience and should be motivated by patriotism, good citizenship, and a sense of public responsibility

So according to WIKI here are the list of things image Obama is qualified for in medals from the DOD.

The Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service is the highest award that is presented by the Secretary of Defense, to a private citizen, politician, non-career Federal employee, or foreign national.

Well image Obama is not a private Citizen of America, an intelligence asset jinn can not be a politician, it certainly has made a career off of sucking jobs out of American regimes, so all that is left is FOREIGN NATIONAL and BINGO, that image Obama does qualify in the human form in the shapeshifter from Iran, did have a British Birthright, Kenyan squatter right and Muslim Indonesian standing, and why Barack Obama got foreign student loans to attend college.

So that is it, in Ash Carter has outed image Obama as a foreigner, a real Birther, and again the glory whore image Obama is, it simply could not resist getting his second medal for something in life as he failed at Special Olympics trials.

Just by this picture, you know blessed certain that image Obama has been sending out to the Smithsonian to wear Jackie Kennedy's dresses and putting Teddy Roosevelt's saddle on Muchelle to model, as you can see it just can not get enough of that adoration.

Obama-Distinguished Public Service Medal-Getty

 This image Obama is the poster boy for blacktard