Sunday, January 29, 2017

Look What The Quebec Dragged In

Atalante Québec, considered radical even by other far-right groups in Quebec, held a protest in October at the Citadelle in Quebec City.

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Few Americans realize, that the American Identity is based upon two historical groups of Israelites of the Lost 10 Tribes, in the Anglo Saxon and the Norman.

America was based upon the Dutch of New Amsterdam, the Anglo of Virginia and the French of Quebec. Until the outcome of the 7 Years War or the French and Indian War, in the first global war, the French were the dominant authority in America.

Quebec was a product of the French Catholic and the French Royals, in setting about commerce and order, but it was not until the French people in America, broke the bonds of the Church and State as Voyageurs who escaped the settlements for the wilds, was the American Identity born.

The French were the chosen race like all Americans, in their children were barefoot and in tunics, playing in the snow. The strong survived and the weak became fertilizer for the fields. Infused later by the Irish Scot / Saxon German, Americans became the inheritors of America by the Großer Kampf, the Great Struggle in a new race of Biblical Promise.

One constantly hears of the Eastern Canadian and the French, being products of liberalism, as self genocidal as the American Californian and New Yorker, but even in New York there breathed President Donald Trump, and in Quebec Canada, there breathes the soul of the American, equal to the Western Canadian, in the scope of Race which is American.

Let us not mince words in those who rose up with Quebecois accents, shouting moon demons are great, were the French Nationals, striking at the same infidel apostate as Phineas pleased the Lord with in Biblical times. These are a people who resisted Wolfe with Montecalm, have resisted the English crown for hundreds of years, and who are now resisting the genocide of the French by the Muslim invader, and whose apologists in the current Ottawa regime, welcome in this damning heresy which seeks to suicide the French People of Canada.

The French Nationalist are leading the way in a most hostile environment of resistance to handing over their ancestral lands to the Godless Muslim. The problem is though with 5 good Muslims and 2 arrested in a mosque shooting, is the authorities claim unity, but refuse to release the names of the shooters. We simply do not know if these are French Patriots or if this is another Orlando gay nightclub shooting of homosexual Muslim violence.

The only certainty is that the French love Quebec and are rising to preserve who they are from extinction.

But in Quebec, it is the Muslim police state in the mosques holding cameras on the French, and the French are but the version of the ancient Greek, bearing gifts.

The pig's head was found by a regular at the Quebec City mosque around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.