Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make America Llama Again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After experiencing the unattractive people who are #TwatTerrors, like Ashley Judd in the 500,000 vagina fluid march, and those things fire balling yesterday, I actually came across this protestor, who I agree with.

the llamas are owned by Ethan who "wants to take back our farms, food, families, and freedom." He says the llamas love to march/do it a lot

I don't quite get why baby llamas are being exposed to liberal lunatics in DC as they seem highly unamused, and would  rather be with the pretty people like Melania Trump or at least petted by Baron  Trump, but it is just I am more concerned about the llamas being hurt than all of these militants on two legs.

So I actually am for as is President Trump in US agriculture in family farms, raising good food, nice rural families and being free from the EPA and USDA.

I think Ethan should be invited to bring his llamas over to mow the White House lawn, and if he checks out and washes the dove shit off shoulder, he should be appointed Secretary of Agriculture, as he seems trainable in a llama has him on a leash and is leading him around safely in a gang of liberal predators.

I actually want to get some llama or those little other camel things......alpacas. Do not want to get spit on by a llama, but they only spit on people they do not know. I hear they stomp the hell out of coyotes and fox.

Too bad they did not recognize the Clinton terrorists as something to stomp.