Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who put the Chimp in the Cradle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Quick inquiry on Operation Changeling.

The areas which are set up to impeach President Trump are:

  1. The Insurance Industry
  2. Russia
  3. Intelligence breaches
  4. Energy

Rather short post, but this is what the Neocons, Clintonites and Bush fam are focusing on in the reasoning that at least one of these areas can produce a scandal like Iran Contra or Watergate to drive it right into the White House.

It is a set up as stated where a policy direction will be hijacked and then criminalized to impeach President Trump. It is imperative that those behind this must be prosecuted. The firewall will be if the whining McCain and Graham can with WashPo, NYT, CNN and FOX push this to ignition, as Schumer will firestart it, and the Neocons in Congress of Big Koch will give it the Howard Baker sympathetic, something must be done about it. Pick your Orin Hatch to leverage this against President Trump.

Again the media is featuring Mike Pence as President in speaking about issues. You are being conditioned for the coup.

Oh talking points, image Obama is not involved in this. Jeb Bush will be picked as Vice President.

Nuff Said