Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Art of Genocide


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 There are many recorded incidents of American atrocities in war, some real and most propaganda. The reason though for recording the real events in real situations is to gain an understanding that sometimes American leaders like Lincoln called for Confederate genocide and it was carried out, under better angels of of our nature, and sometimes when Franklin Roosevelt by Dwight Eisenhower a German genocide in patriotic dogma, it is still a war crime and everyone carrying it out knows it.

The source for this is General Chuck Yeager, a German American from West Virginia, and one of the greatest pilots in American history. We begin this with a quote from General Yeager as he was Second Lieutentant in England at a briefing, where the 8th Air Force ordered the 75 Mustang Fighters which Chuck Yeager was commanding part of, to kill everything that moved in a 250 square mile area of Germany.
Everything, meant every civilian or soldier or cow. Everything meant a farmer planting potatoes in his field, a private pissing himself or a horse on a plough.

"If we are going to be doing things like this, we sure as hell better make sure we're on the winning side"

General Chuck Yeager
World War II
Summer of 1944

That is what the point is in this, is if Adolf Hitler had unleashed his nuclear bombs which Germany held, but Germans would not resort to that kind of carnage which Harry Truman embraced for Japan, as much as fire bombing Tokyo with B 29 bombers, then the Reich would have been picking through Truman's suicide remains outside the White House and Dwight Eisenhower would have been hung at Nuremberg.

This is not to say that the Germans were innocent, as they engaged in strafing American pilots as they parachuted out of planes and bombing civilian targets in Herman Goering's V2 war in the London Blitz, but Prime Minister Churchill incinerated Germany as General Yeager stated, under the excuse that "cottage industries had sprung up when American bombers had knocked out German industry".

The problem with that is Albert Speer, stated most of German industry rebuilt as quickly as it was hit by American carpet bombing.

General Yeager understood war. War in the terms is it in being brutal and not innocent. Events in the breakout at Normandy where an America pilot chased a German tank into a village, and hid by a French hotel, and the pilot blew the hotel up in missing the tank.
A munitions train moving through a French village was hit by an American pilot, the engineer bailed, and the train blew up destroying the village.

What is at the heart of this is, the American and British military commands knew completely well that they ordered war crimes. The lofty leftist reporters like Andy Rooney who despised Patton and adored Ike, knew damn certain that war crimes were unleashed on Germans by their Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman and never said a word about it.
An area the size of three Boston's was ordered by American leadership to be machine gunned and bombed by 75 of the best war planes in the  world.

General Yeager of course holds no responsibility in this, but knew if Germany won, he was going to be taken out and shot. The same situation is for Germans in if they had won, they would be the heroes, and it would have been a German who was the first man in space and the first man on the moon, as the entire Russian and American space industry was German rockets and scientists.

As General Yeager stated, who knew if the American butchery was breaking German will or enraging the public, because hundreds of young men were on the deck blowing 50 caliber holes into German men, women, children, and livestock every daylight hour. Of course it steeled the will of the German, and it fell to General George Patton to have to lob a howitzers into town squares to convince German villages to not be terrorists to Americans.

The honorable thing is the American Hero Chuck Yeager actually told the facts of what was taking place, good and bad, in his part in it, as it was war, but it is a revelation when the genocide against Germans really began. It was not some retaliation for forced labor camps or Jews as has been the excuse. The British were starting their genocide of Germans in excuses and the Americans had no excuses.