Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the electric fluid of space


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I  was listening to Coast to Coast AM this past week and the guest was Marshall Masters, and his subject was Planet X and Nibiru, the doomsday clock of the solar system. What has me pondering Mr. Masters is not his predictions that by November of 2017 that we will see an object as large as the moon in the sky, but that his terminology and positions were things I had gleaned from the matrix and posted here.

In the matrix, this object or objects was coming out of the southern sky, meaning it is on an orbit which is not "normal", and Masters states this group of objects is on the far side of the sun, and is hidden from view at this time.

That caught my attention as I mentioned this was "hen and chicks" or a big object towing other objects. His explanation is a brown dwarf, with the Planet X and then space debris with it.

The Lame Cherry has been alerting you that something is out there. I have been more fascinated in the discovery of the "electric fluid" of space, as earth is reacting like it is being squeezed by the earthquake and volcanic activity, including huge volcanoes as the one in Italy are coming to life. It appears to be almost magnetic in attraction and yet this orbital group is squeezing space. It has ripped a gash in the sun from pole to pole and that is disconcerting in it is this influential this far out.

It makes sense of the legends of war in heaven, of Saturn displaced by Jupiter, in Mars at war and being vanquished, and the history of the world in tidal waves a mile high, red dust covering the earth in death, and the continents displaced in a short period of time, and the earth switching rotation.

If one examines Revelation, there are key clues from Jesus in this.

1. Men hiding in caves from the face of God.
2. Stars falling from heaven.
3. Wormwood falls from the sky and turns the waters red.
4. 3 days of darkness

The above points reveal things. They reveal from Christ that the earth is not going to pole shift or the sun is not going to rise in the west as it was recorded in previous legends.
No accounts of Noah flooding or a water meteor striking the earth, including high tidal waves suspended in the air by G forces of this invader group of bodies.

That is the good news. The troubling news is men in hiding in caves from being scorched, means the sun is going to be displacing immense heat either from this Nibiru or because it is going to go through a yellow dwarf phase of expanding before it contracts, scorching the earth. It is deducted it has something to do with the wormwood group.
Stars falling from heaven, are the hen and her chicks. Meteors are going to rain down on earth in a great enough of array that it is going to be very noticeable.
The three days of darkness points to again a large body blocking the sun, or its "tail" or cloud.
Wormwood striking the earth is a large meteor of this group of iron based bodies, as this is what is thought turned the "waters red" in previous episodes of this interaction with earth.

This thing has caused horrific trouble in past visits. For that matter no one has ever deduced that there might be several of these long orbit bodies out there which make visits too long for the 3600 Mayan calendar to record. Some may have been once in ten thousand year events. So in that, we do not know exactly what is out there in total, but we do know from how earth is reacting that something of intense magnetic force is out there and has been affecting earth for the past few years, and the intensity of the events is increasing as the Lame Cherry predicted would be the outcome in association with these events.

Safety is a feature in this for all life. Historically the central United States from the Rockies west, to Oklahoma, over to Missouri, into Tennessee over to New York is what is the "fracture zone. I explain this as the major fault lines in America are from St. Helens, to Yellowstone, to Oklahoma to Missouri, up the Ohio Valley into New York. Those are quake zones which can produce events larger than San Andreas.
The center core of this, if one observes has a series of buttes in Wyoming and the Dakotas. This is not old activity, but activity when this visitor group tore earth apart most likely in the age of Noah. Buttes are volcanic chimneys, and the geology of this entire region is one large molten cooled plug. It fractured a bit, but a bubble of magma was forced there and turned into a solid rock foundation.
This is one of the most stable regions in the world, but then again while it might not be prone to earthquakes or volcanic activity, it is not a known projection what a solid rock would react to as earth is squeezed. It is projected that the surrounding weak areas would fracture while the rock foundation would remain intact.

In reference to this, if the cartel knows of this object which it should, then President Trump is inheriting a genocide disaster. It would be fitting if Mr. Trump would initiate the Joseph Plan which I wrote of in 2009, of stimulating the economy and protecting Americans, but also building numerous personal fallout shelters and stocking them. Making this federal would keep the people from being price gouged.
This would fit why image Obama was looting money like a crack whore as the cartel might have been adding to underground shelters for the elite to get all their ducks in a row.

It could be this dark star can not be seen, and planet x is the object which radiates light. It is evident by Revelation that the chicks will come home to roost in epic numbers. I believe in the Bible and we will witness if something begins appearing in the skies which all can see. I can not recall my due dates, but it was in the upcoming few years which it was factored out wormwood should probably occur.

The things to remember in this are like earth is a mini solar system in the earth moon orbit, this dark star is a mini solar system type too with objects in orbit and objects in tow. There are objects incoming and objects outgoing. Jupiter and Saturn, and what is the asteroid belt were placed there as vacuum bodies to protect earth and have provided survivability to earth. The Bible says we will survive, but a great tribulation is the worst in human history and that is not a good thing.

Factoring in the data of Revelation and the factors of a dark star with objects in orbit, earth is not going to be ripped asunder as in previous times of events, but somewhere in this are a large body of object meteors in tow, with a large object called Wormwood which is part of this group it is deemed which it is concluded hits earth on the way out.
If one paid attention, the past few years have witnessed an increase of large body misses of earth. That is evidence of a first wave of some past cosmic event of planet shattering scope, re entering the happy solar order of the earth again.

Something has been telling us for the past years, that it is out there, and that it is coming. It appears to be an almost 7 year event in the first contact of stray bodies to the final outcome of it leaving the inner solar system again.

If I have time, I will inquire on this more, as it does fascinate me in our being lied to in space having nothing in it, and my conclusion now in how earth is being affected, reveals that space is the same electrical fluid, in just being another variation of water as it all mimics the same Godlike fluid structure.