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Trump White Paper: Fuzzbox Voodoo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I rarely give a great deal of thought to things, as things are either good ideas or bad ideas, and if you are giving a great deal of thought to things, then either you are a moron or it is a bad idea requiring a complicated solution.

This is going to be a Lame Cherry Concentrate, as I am not being paid 6 figures by President Trump as an advisor nor am I earning 7 figures a siliconwear adviser to the computer industry. That does not mean this is going to be a bad advice, but advice which instead communicates well.

America needs cyber security. That is the new McCain and Graham mantra.

Sean Hannity has been preaching that just a tad less than saying the word homo every day.

Now that you are in the chute, going 5 by 5, it is time for the Lame Cherry to pull your asstard back and ask why is it we need cyber security, and why has nothing been done about it, and why is John McCain huffing it hard against the Russians?

Ok this is CONCENTRATE so think a little bit as I give you the answer and open your asstard eyes. The reason America gets hacked all the time, the reason nothing is done to make America secure, and the reason McCain is trying to shift the blame to Russians is:

The conglomerates who control the American police state and American finance, already hacked the system, and do not want it secure, as it places access and control in their hands, and those foreign entities who this group desires to have access to this grid. Sometimes it is China, sometimes Saudi Arabia, sometimes the Jews, depending on the size of the check.
It is reflection of what Hillary Clinton's server was a portal into the US computer network for her donating clients.

I will add, because I am not paid that there is a reality also that sometimes hacking is allowed to provide false data to foreign groups in order to convince them to actions, in other words manipulate them.

The title of this White Paper is Fuzzbox Voodoo. The title is English in the fuzz box is the synthetic device which gets electric guitars to produce sounds. In ZZ Top it is a song, which is the official anthem of the Lame Cherry, and it of course means a woman's snatch in Texan song.

Now another question.

Why is it that you never hear of information hacked from Area 51, Wright Patterson or those super computers stories high, buried underground attached to the NSA?

Easy answer, so do not sprain your brain, as those computers are secure and hooked up to a closed system with filters and protections.

Easy explanation, is all computers, including plasma minds can be hacked, nudged, written, wiped by electronic stimulation, whether it be radar waves or electrical current coming in through lines. So protections like fuzz boxes, Faraday shields and concentric access points are necessary to monitor information flow inside the system.
A closed system is open only to those who have clearance, and those systems are never hacked.

The systems which we are speaking of are the open systems, which are connected to the web, to outside sources from WIFI to cell phone, and it is by these extensions that hacking takes place......unless it is some trans sex fag who plugs in a flash drive and drains the system of information.

That is enough of an explanation of the system in closed and open, who has the keys, and who does not have the keys, unless sexy Guciffer 2.0 has John Podesta give them the password, which is of course PASSWORD.

As some advice to President Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry advocates a three tier system for cyber security for America, and that means an entire new system, including a system which does not have all of these open windows built into it, so the lords and priests get free porn watching drones spy on children.

For this, in addition to the Trump Experts dealing with this issue from their inside perspective, I advocate for Charles R. Smith, an insider foundling who enjoys talking a great deal to be a second leg of this triad which I propose and for Robert Steele and his pets to form the 3rd leg of this team which will oversee and build the closed system and the open system for American security.


Softwar Inc. supports and distributes professional security software using our expertise in advanced encryption technology. Our software provides secure access ...

The closed system would mirror the Wright Pat in being unplugged with no data transfer, and the open system would signature all closed system files ever entered into the system.
Yes I have given information in this, that all codex can be embedded so that if the closed system is entered into the open system, the open system will shut down that information, in fractured files or complete files.

Every connection in this is through the Fuzz Box, an advanced Cisco type hub, which monitors the electronic signature of the source. Yes just like fingerprints, every power grid has a static signature that identifies the location.
None of this is information which is supposed to be publicized, but anyone with common sense knows electricity has different frequency if you ever listen to the buzz on a radio.

The answer to this is put 3 competing forces at work on this, who think they are the smartest chimps and who hate the pompous insider system of cronies, and you then build a secure computer network for a few billion dollars, in both the open and closed loops, and which the Fuzz Box tracks all incoming and outgoing packets, with the signature of the frequency, place all those involved under the penalty of death, and it all  behaves itself..........until of course someone in the cartel threatens some programmers to open the windows and the system is open for business again.

Closed systems can be hacked by sophisticated means, but that access can be guarded. Each agency should have a closed system which can not be breached, and then an open system not to the internet, but to the other uplinks for communication.
It is not that hard to make all closed system computers have a large prong USB port and non access WIFI static signature which consumer devices can never access.

That is the Lame Cherry donation solution, which is not paid 6 figures nor 7 figures, but it is a reality that the Trump Administration must utilize as the white paper in this solution.

And for that price,

Nuff Said

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