Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Kind of Terror that Pays

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It would seem the National Guard Puerto Rican, Esteban Santiago Ruiz, was thrown out of his apartment for not having around 500 dollars to pay rent.

The terrorist was in New Jersey over the holidays..........and it costs around 500 dollars for a plane trip.

It seems the terrorist had a 500 dollar kind of life.

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He even appeared in England...........again a 500 dollar life.

Esteban Santiago

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He apparently had a baby.........that is like a 5000 dollar kind of life, but he might have gotten a deal on a gun.

Esteban Santiago mental health

Let us just say his handgun was a 9 mm and it cost around 400 dollars.

It seems a homeless terrorist sure had a great deal of money and was traveling a great deal.

In inquiring from the matrix on this, the matrix was saying the same thing as the headlines which appeared later after the information was published here, that something was done to his mind, but it would not lock on drugs or electronic.

Things though are not right, as once again we have a second shooter reported like in all of these cases, in it appears another Sirhan Sirhan candidate, and this is aimed at stopping gun control repeals, in something was done to this candidate's mind.

Forced him to watch ISIS videos...

 Matrix says the method was around 900 khz to place instructions and the Puerto Rican "found" money left for him.

Matrix points to this was about stopping the national concealed carry law. Cartel generated by a sub operational.

I do not suppose you are supposed to notice the hairline changed.